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    Interesting video:


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    I’ve never cared for the 2 party system, I myself claim no affiliation with any party. At the same time, I don’t see what there can be done about it. A 3rd party candidate will NEVER be able to muster up the votes to beat a republican or democrat in a presidential race. Well, maybe I shouldn’t say never, but all the stars and planets would need to be aligned. It’s not the biggest deal in the world to me anyway. It’s the people that make the system corrupt, not the other way around. So even if we had a 3 party or multi-party system, the end result will not be much different.

    The rest of the video was a mish mash of generic stock & trade conspiracies. Was surprised there was no mention of the Illuminati, no salad bar is complete without it. I’ve been hearing about the rice-sized sub-cutaneous chip literally since I was in kindergarten. Maybe we’ll get to the point where people will have the option to have one implanted within our lifetime, but it’s never going to be imposed on us by force. If it was, I’d really feel sorry for the ones tasked with going door to door with the implant gun.

    Shant wrote:
    It’s the people that make the system corrupt, not the other way around.

    Very true. To solve this issue make all term limits 2 yrs and ban all lobbyists. I am a registered republican but really a conservative and I would vote for any party/person that supports my values and beliefs. I could care less about political parties I just want a good and decent person as the president that will do what I think is the right thing for the country and the next generation.

    We are seeing so much corruption in congress and over 60-70% of the populous think they are doing a bad job: http://www.pollingreport.com/CongJob.htm

    To try to push a almost 3000 page bill through Congress without the public reading or least knowing all the points is crazy. Bills of this magnitude (economy/life changing legislation) should go in front of the people for their ok. Let them vote on it because in the end they are the ones paying for it. Don’t forget that small fact 🙂


    Politicians are the same the world over, scheming, lying, thieving, self serving individuals. However what is the alternative? To quote Winston Churchill,

    “It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried.”

    I cant help but to agree with him. Accountability in any democracy, although on paper, should be easy to obtain, all too often however, proves to be much more difficult in practice. Power it seems, is the greatest narcotic of all time and every country has it’s very own junkies.


    Yeah he summed it up correctly, democracy is the worst form of government…except for all the other ones.

    D1 – I’m with you 110% on term limits. I’d be open to giving them as much as 2 terms (if the people re-elect them ofcourse), but that’s it. No exceptions, you’re gone. Thanks for your “service”, now run along.

    Also, absolutely no pension. Most people don’t realize that just about every elected office comes with a lifetime pension that pays out near full or full salary. So you can serve for a couple of years, get voted out in the next election, but you’ll continue to get that paycheck for life. 😡 I thought this was “public service”…isn’t that what they call it? Bull crap…in most states getting elected to any public office, even if it’s just a local seat, is like hitting the lottery. You’re set up for life at the taxpayer’s expense.

    Further, if you’re elected to office, you should be legally barred from appointing/hiring any family for any positiong in the Government. If people knew what these politicians were doing they’d be outraged. The vast majority of senators/congresssmen have many members of their family on either their personal staff or other appointments. They’ve got their sons, daughters, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends all on that government nipple. But they all say the same thing, “if they’re the best person for the job, being related to me shouldn’t prevent them from serving the people”… 😡

    God I hate politicians.


    I have to agree with the last few posts. One thing few people realize is that, originally, elected officials in National offices were part-time, unpaid servants of their constituents. Then they voted themselves a paycheck, which soon gave birth to the worst creature on Earth, Career Politicians. These are beholden to only those who can provide money to get them re-elected, or influence to increase their power. They will say whatever and use any trick to hoodwink people into voting for them.


    The very good pension program for Senate and Congress are great and they even get the great healthcare. You can get a dirt bag in office and I believe if they serve three terms they are now eligible for the pension which is almost full salary for the rest of there lives.

    This is why nations go broke. How can you say that a public servant deserves more than the private sector person. They both work 40+ years of there lives but the private sector person gets the shaft.

    I was pretty upset with Obama the other night when he talked about college loan forgiveness that if a person goes into public service type job they only have to pay on their loan for 10 yrs then it is forgiven. While a private sector worker has to pay on it for 20yrs. Is that fair?

    Let me stop there getting fired up 🙂

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