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      This game is still in early access but it is improving little by little and they have added VR as well. Currently the game is on v0.6.2

      Here is a nice video of latest build:

      Here is the main release notes for v0.6.0:

      Hi all,

      I’ve just uploaded the new build of the game.
      This patch brings a lot of new stuff, which means there may also be a lot of new bugs! Please do let me know of any issues you have as I will almost certainly need to hotfix at least something!

      I’m particularly keen to hear of any performance issues in VR as a few things have changed in the background code.

      This patch brings you re-entry and splashdown, new time control features, pausing, checklists…. and much, much more!

      NOTE – Only Friendship 7 is effected, Freedom is still on hold until I convert it to use all the new features I’m developing for Friendship. Hopefully in the next major patch.

      So… here’s the full list!


      New Parachute Model
      New Drogue Model
      New Landing Bag Model
      New Nosecone Model
      New retropack model
      New retropack harness model and physics
      Updated Capsule Model
      New re-entry fire effects
      New sound effects
      New water graphics
      New water physics
      New panel clock model
      Added calculation for time to retro fire
      Added full automatic retro sequence program
      Added full manual retro firing and jettison (dont knock those buttons by mistake!)
      Replaced old “fake” clock counters with working 3D rollers
      Added “5 min to retro” light
      Added 30 second retro warning light functions
      Re-textured Atlas rocket to be more authentic (less shiny, more colour variation)
      Added dynamic radio (some recordings now play as direct response to whats actually happening – still more to come in future patches).
      Added function to scope signal light.
      Altimeter now functions on ascent and descent.
      Added correct red/green colour coding to all dials (now much easier to spot a problem… keep an eye on cabin temp on night side!).

      Added new menu tabs to cockpit clipboard
      Added pause function to cockpit menu
      Added End Mission function to cockpit menu
      Added Quit to desktop funtion to cockpit menu
      VR torch and checklist will now reset position if lost
      Added Info page listing some historical facts about Friendship 7

      Added Time Advance system – You can now speed up and slow down time at certain points using the following controls;
      Keyboard < and > keys
      Oculus Touch/360 Left Control Stick – left and right
      Vive – Left touch pad – click left or right side of pad.

      Adjusted shadow rendering
      Fixed bug preventing moon from displaying
      Corrected false pressure warnings
      Corrected spelling on “Descent” dial
      More efficient clean up of assets (should fix some memory leaks).
      Adjusted cockpit time to Florida time instead of Global.
      Adjusted moon size and brightness

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      Update v0.7.0 was releases in late June: https://steamcommunity.com/games/467400/announcements/detail/1683665881194292101

      I’m very pleased to announce that version 0.7.0 is now live which introduces Liberty Bell 7’s suborbital mission to the game. This is the first time you are able to complete a full sub-orbital mission from launch to splashdown.

      This patch represents a major leap in the way Go For Launch: Mercury works, it no longer uses multiple levels (requiring me to work on each seperately) but no has just one game level, into which it then loads the appropriate capsule, moves it to the right launchpad etc. (note Freedom 7 is still the old version, to be integrated next patch), this means development will proceed much more smoothly in future. If, for example I add a new feature like a working switch to Liberty bell, it will automatically be added to all other missions too!

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