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      I need to read up more on this personally, I know Jerusalem and the Temple Mount has huge religious implications for the Christians, Jews and Islam. This is why so much war has been fought over this area. With USA coming out and supporting Israel’s claim of Jerusalem has caused a rising of tensions in the region and I am wondering if it is on purpose?

      What do you think?

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      My guess is it’s quite deliberate – possibly to piss Iran (and others) off.
      I won’t get into the POTUS – but you’ve got a problem over there, D1.

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      Heh, Pres. Trump was definitely the lesser of two evils. He is a little hot headed at times, but I think he does have the usa in his best interests. That’s why I was wondering why this move with Israel knowing this was going to cause some issues in the middle east.

      Israel definitely has the more superior force in that area. But with Russia getting pulled into this issue I will be interesting where they will side?

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