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    Greetings to all 🙂

    I want to inform you about a new 4X Game called Vaduun. Vaduun is developed by VaduunLabs [vaduunlabs.com/](http://www.vaduunlabs.com/ “vaduunlabs.com/”)

    VaduunLabs does not seem to be a ‘big’ developer studio, it may be more like a big mod standalone project by modders.
    But the ideas of the developers are very interesting. The game is in an early state of development, but there is a dev trailer that shows a great battle. Somehow it looks like more gameplay fun than other 4X games.

    A game from gamers for gamers 😀

    The fact that you should be able to design your own weapons is very cool. I am thinking of a gatling nuke launcher 😮
    They said balancing will be a challenge.

    Here the direct link to the game [vaduunlabs.com/index.php/en/projects/vaduun-the-game.html](http://www.vaduunlabs.com/index.php/en/projects/vaduun-the-game.html “vaduunlabs.com/index.php/en/projects/vaduun-the-game.html”) .

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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