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    Played the first game on the CD32 and It was a load of rubbish, as it’s a basic space trading/adventure game which takes place in one solar system and has a turn based space combat.

    It’s big draw was that you can beam down or take a shuttle to the planets surface, where the game turns into a Dungeon Master clone.(with no mouse pointer) You also get to create a party of adventures at the start of the game.

    Their a pretty good walk through of the game here.’ but I tend to think the first game is more interesting watching some one else play it, rather than play it yourself.

    Now the second game came out a couple of years later and is pretty much more of the same but with a wolfenstein 3d type game on the planets, now it never given an official English release, but the devs did release an English patch for the Amiga version which can be found on Aminet. Also worth noting that their was an Amiga CD rom release of the game using that patch from around 1999/2000.

    Now when I was looking for videos of the second game I came across this vid of a new update patch.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gYiEOjpz5ms&t=3s
    Now I have download this and installed it on my Amiga 1200 and it runs pretty good although I’m running it on an 030 Amiga, probably would run a bit slow on a standard Amiga. Now just have to work out how to save the game before I can start playing it.

    A bunch of classics here on the cheap if you get them all in one bundle


    These are dungeon crawlers with space trading elements!!!

    The problem especially with the first one, is the horrendous interface!! It used nearly three or four mouse clicks, for every team member, just to attack!! The second one thankfully, had a team attack button!!

    There is also a dos version for Whales voyage 2, although I don not know if the translation is complete!!


    Aye the first games interface is bad as theirs no mouse control for the game, only keyboard and joystick options if IIRC.

    Not sure if the dos version of the second game was translated into English, never seen one on eBay always seems to be the German ones.

    Still can’t find the save game option for the second game, the function keys give access to some options but the text is still in German, and I can’t find an English version of the manual.


    I remember these Pinback. Pretty sure I have both in my Amiga archive. Not bad as far as I recall but Captain Blood still won out against it for just being totally weird at times!


    All three of the blood games are weird, shame nothing came of that reboot of the first game from a few years back.

    still cant fig out how to save the game but did find some tip for the game on EAB http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=68676 and the function keys have something to do with the 3D engine settings and sounds.

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