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    Gamers Decide posted their list of recommended titles for fans of the series, but I was wondering what the spacesimcentral community thinks are the best games to play instead. Do you agree with anything on this list?

    A bunch of classics here on the cheap if you get them all in one bundle


    I think that list is coming from an author that doesn’t know what he is really talking about. Personally, two of those games deserve to be on that list and that is Evochron Legacy and Star Citizen (eventually if they actually complete the game). I haven’t played NMS yet, but with the latest patch I hear it is a lot better and from a exploration aspect could be on the list as well. All of the others, nope.

    I guess in the end what is a gamer looking for as a feeling…? I would say more the clones of elite like Pioneer and Oolite are more true to the original and Elite Dangerous. There is a lot of games that have aspects of Elite just not all of it in one package there is a few obscure games (that i cannot remember right now) that touch the flight model which a lot of players do enjoy, some like pure exploration, others like trading and pirating. Has any game gotten it right yet for all of these…. no I don’t think and make it fun 🙂

    I have yet to complete a X Series game… haha I will one day I promise. But I get bored, you cannot please everyone. I like where Elite is going and I honestly still don’t own the game yet. All of the videos I have watched so far, the game still seems a little boring to me. I do have high hopes for Star Citizen because if they can do it will probably have the complete game that gives me the experience I am looking for. Do I need a billion planets to visit, heck no. I am happy with 10-20, as long as they all flushed out and have active places to visit and you can go anywhere.

    I still need to think on this more but, to get back to the list. How does Dreadnought make #1? Dreadnought has nothing to do with Elite at all haha like I said, the author I don’t think understands what Elite is and the history behind it.


    Not a bad list, quite a few good games on there I am familiar with, although they missed Rebel Galaxy…


    Awesome soundtrack too.

    Also, there is life in good old Freelancer yet with the Crossfire 2 mod!


    Who says you have to buy a new game to have fun, just mod it! 😉


    Yeah this guy isn’t nearly as interested in this type of game as we are. The fact that he put Dreadnaught up there kinda says it all. A space based world of tanks with space ships is being compared to Elite Dangerous? You include Strike Suit Zero, but not House of the Dying Sun?

    Frankly, Elite Dangerous is a broad game, it allows for three major styles of player. It really boils down to separate schools of thought.

    A. “I want to be Han Solo!”
    B. “I want to be Spock!”
    C. “I want to be Wedge Antilles!”

    Players like me enjoy space sims for the immense freedom and ability to do whatever I want. Trading some goods, to fighting off some pirates. Elite offers this. Others enjoy entering a new star system and counting how many planetoids are surrounding a brown star. Elite offers this. Dreadnaughts offers none of these things so it could appeal to the third crowd. Space combat with capitol ships and lasers everywhere. But to put Strike Suit Zero anywhere near FS2 or HoDS is utterly baffling. Elite has a much better combat system than most people will ever realize because its so unintuitive to those who never played FS2.

    I dunno, this list is bonkers. I’m with SSCADMIN on this one.

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