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Besides monthly games you also get access to over 60 free games in their library

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    Bought Shadow of Mordor and I have no idea what’s going on in this game although it seems to a fighting game crossed with Assassins creed and set in Lord of the Rings world.

    I have yet to get this one yet Pinback, but everyone that I have talked too said its a great game especially when you have all that DLC. I just bought two copies of 7 Days to Die (zombie survival with minecraft type build mechanics) so I can play with my son. He loves minecraft and zombies so why not get a game that does both 🙂 It’s still in alpha but they are actively updating so I felt good about them finishing it and you can host your own server which I like too.

    A bunch of classics here on the cheap if you get them all in one bundle


    Just bought a PS4. With the Uncharted games!! (Although it will gather dust most of the time!!!! :crazy: )


    Saints Row 4, never played any of the previous games but this is brilliant funny as its a rip off the Matrix and other sci-fi movies and games along with some great customization options as well.  


    MineCraft is a great little game. The modding community can also compare to the Doom and Wolfenstein 3D modding community since theres just so much stuff that modders have added!


    recently bought Dawn of War and all of the expansions! I still don’t have a computer anymore, but I play them at work! XD


    Just finished Alice: Madness Returns. Gameplay is not outstanding, but the story telling, scenario and innovation more than makes up for it. Great game!


    Too many to mention but I did manage to get Eve the second decade collection cheap on Amazon, although it a game I will never play.

    Also bought another second hand 360 console, the one made to look like R2D2, really pleased with it and it has now become my main 360 console.


    I still have my old “Jasper” 360. 🙂


    Evil Dead Regeneration for the Xbox

    Dead Rising 2 steel book edition, got a few of these on the 360 now.

    Gangland and Silent Storm for the PC.


    Big fan of “Silent Storm” here 🙂
    And just picked “Elite Dangerous” – at last!


    Have been after a copy of silent storm for a while, so I’m going to go off and dust off the XP computer and see if I can get it running.


    Red Star on the PS2, been after this for a while, it’s a sort of run and gun game and pretty hard.

    Sam & Max hit the road, classic Lucas arts point and click game

    Ceville no idea what it like just looked interesting.

    Midway arcade treasures 3 on the Xbox.

Viewing 11 posts - 286 through 296 (of 296 total)
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