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    Hey Everyone

    Where is everyone from in the world and if you are not from this world please let us know that too 🙂

    I am from New Hampshire, USA




    I am from Novo Hamburgo, Rio Grande do Sul state, Brazil.

    Its a 260k city, part of the metro area of Porto Alegre, which is the state capital. (Porto Alegre proper is 1.3 million, and its metro is 4.2 million)

    here it is at GoogleMaps. Zoom out to see its location in Brazil.

    http://maps.google.com/?ie=UTF8&ll=-29. … 9&t=h&z=15

    here is a panoramic of my city… shot by me… click for a larger image


    and here some photos of Porto Alegre, just 40km away. Have you guys heard about it? I guess not 🙂







    I will have to visit Brazil sometime 🙂



    come to southern Brazil in july/august, and bring only your bermudas and t-shirts! After all, its tropical here, right? :mrgreen:



    dont worry, it doesnt get much colder than that. 😉

    ps: your state is beautiful! But hey, not fair! I posted city pics! 😀



    🙂 We have a lot of small towns nothing really to look at guess that’s why we have the lowest crime rate in the nation. That I think is beginning to change because a lot of bad elements are moving into the state from other states and crime is going up a bit.

    In July/August what is the avg temp in Brazil AcesHigh? Here in NH it will avg 75-85.



    you mean the average temperature in my state/city, right? I mean… Brazil extends from the 5º north to 33º south.

    Porto Alegre

    July – 14ºC

    January – 25ºC

    at sea level, the state is located at a battle between cold fronts from southern Argentina and warm fronts from northern Brazil. Thus, while the temperature in the winter will usually range between 10º night to 18º mid afternoon, it can easily drop to around -2º at night and dont go over 10º during the day. But in a FEW days of winter, warm fronts from the north can get some space and temperatures can reach 25º at day, for a couple of days in a row before falling again.

    Of course, this at sea level. In towns a bit heigher (800 meters above sea level is enough) its already quite colder in the winter, and is snowfall at least once a year is the norm.

    hey Darkone, do you know São Paulo? Although its the biggest brazilian city, its not THAT known to many foreigners.

    Check out this video (landing in São Paulo)




    Wow. I have never seen so mant high buildings in one place 🙂 Or least that video made it look that way. NH only has like 1.3mil people in the entire state and that’s mostly in the southern part the northern part isn’t really populated.

    São Paulo looked familiar to me when you wrote it but besides that never heard of it. I need to get these kids out of the house so I can travel more.



    At the moment I live in the town of Letterkenny(pop:17,723 ) in county Donegal(pop:146,956) in Ireland(pop:5,981,448)

    The only reason I can think off as to why a town would be here is that otherwise there would be a county without a single reasonably sized population centre.

    I live in a large town in the middle of nowhere.

    There is one great thing about living here though if and when nukes rain from the skies this largeish town will be almost completly forgotten and respectable a distance from any perspective targets.


    Fald wrote:

    There is one great thing about living here though if and when nukes rain from the skies this largeish town will be almost completly forgotten and respectable a distance from any perspective targets.

    Hope that never happens in my lifetime but you need to live at least 100mi away from an impact to be generally safe from the initial impact. You need to be further to not be taking in too many rads. Crap we need to get the space program going and make some settlements on other planets 🙂


    Lecktor wrote:
    Hello all, I live in Alabama, USA. Huntsville to be exact, home of Marshall Space Flight Center and Space Camp. I enjoy being in the area that had a great impact on the development of NASA and the the US space program. Apollo specifically.

    I didn’t know that Space Camp was in Alabama… 🙂 Welcome Lecktor



    Montreal, Quebec, Canada


    From the look of this picture the photographer must have frozen his balls off; when every downtown building is smoking like that it means that temperatures are WAAAAAAAY below zero. FYI, you know it’s damn cold when you’ve actually experienced the magic -40, where Farenheit and Celsius are exactly the same. It is 8C this morning… pretty chilly for the 1st of June !!!



    I know it gets cold in NH but Quebec has us beat. That is a nice pic with the snow and buildings. I have been wanting to take the wife up to Canada but haven’t been back since they now require passports. I have to go get some made now. -40 😯 I haven’t witnessed that myself, I think my car would cease to live at that temp.



    Yeah, some cars just refuse to start, and Murphy being who he is, it always happens when you absolutely need it!

    I’ve seen a bit on TV on one of those awfully cold days where a guy would hold a bucket full of hot water, throw it in the air, and he’d get instant snow. Only on very balmy martian days though 😀



    You should be an astronaut since you might feel at home to the coldness of space 🙂



    Norfolk VA here!

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