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    I though the release date was around about September or October in less it been delayed.

    kinda strange that they have not said much since the original announcement.

    A bunch of classics here on the cheap if you get them all in one bundle


    Thought this screenshot was nice, shows off a solar power station.



    Looks more like concept art work than screenshots,

    Can’t see Egosoft going for such a radical look.


    someones been watching Sunshine


    Looks more like a plasma collector rather than a solar array being that close to a star.


    That piece of concept ART looks amazing! 😀

    Already pre-ordered my copy and I am building a new system at the moment just to run this game and for my design work.


    Looking at them pics… why do I get the nasty feeling that the box/cube star systems will be making a return.

    lair360 wrote:
    That piece of concept ART looks amazing!

    That is a in-game shot as far as I could tell in the forums where I found it.

    PINBACK wrote:
    why do I get the nasty feeling that the box/cube star systems will be making a return

    Only time will tell 🙂

    memnoch wrote:
    Going by the video, and the marketing blurbs about fast travel, I suspect it will just be more of he same but perhaps without actual gates joining sectors. Rather those lanes of traffic like you see in the SW movies.

    Plus, am I the only one who thinks the game is way too colourful? But my biggest concern is whether they have tried to widen the appeal of the game by “dumbing it down”, or worse still making it a multi-platform release. If they have gone down that particular route then I suspect they would have pissed away he franchise at that point. And knowing the community of the Egosoft forums very well I would expect a sizable shitstorm to occur!

    No it is not.

    From previous games point of few. They killed cockpit view. The story is this. Space is dark and alomst vaccuum. And distances to far that a naval carrier big object are to small at those extreem distances for the naked eye.

    It more be able to see a dim dot reflecting bit star light.

    So why have windows. It are those kosmic rayys and ect.so a window for dangerous radiation to easaly reach you the pilot. So space ship would be like a sub no windows.

    But more a redudancy of array’s off many sensors.

    And as astrology show to us even now. With sensors you would not be restricted to visable wave length but see trough sensors the full spectrum.

    Wich make thing you can not see light up. Some infared stars light up and outshine the rest.

    star behind dust clouds become visible. Even radio waves can be visualised.

    Auto zoom. mutiple screens. Space get a lot brighter.

    Also Space can be very dark but also very bright. So sensitive sensors can be pulled in for protection. And robust dimming sensors Can take over wenn flyingrelative close to a star.

    A spaceship in a space faring and trading era, would have a much higher tech level then current earth tech. wich means a multifold of proscesing power to prepare this massive amount of data to be view trough ships human interface devides.

    Like a VR Helmet.


    Just re looking at the vid again and those pics above, maybe each of the systems will dominated by a single colour of the star.


    Seen a trailer long ago, but rather wait till reviews of the released game get public and then decide if it could be something I can enjoy. My expectation are low. More realistic. Just like i did for X3 to. And then good point stand more out. and seek the stuf that are enjoyable. So got a lot of fun with Xseries since X2.

    This isn’t triple A stuf but more regular stuf. Wich have a limited budged and time to do there thing well.

    So what to epect from a game with is to complex for the time it get to been made finished. Well bugs it ill have that and unfinished feel. certenly I expect patches wich solve bugs and more polish and finish it bit more closer.

    I don’t expect they go from unreal to realism feel and gameplay. But I expect some change.

    My point was not releated to this screen shot of something crashin into a star. 🙂 But reguale ranting about unrealistic coloring over lighting of space. I acualy don’t care. Because it make no sense to me to burn a game to the ground, because its bit colorfull instead of boring dark. Where most crusial design choice where favoring the unrealistic kind.

    But I had more problem with the gate trafic collisions and 3 dimentional routing and pathing. Its very scary with sata wenn you rush to a astroid like you crash into it and auto pilot flys close around it. Until you rush with seta on but forgot autopilot so you think you fast forward around it but actualy crash in it.

    Some capitals are so huge the gates are to small.I have no problems with gates. But in X3 the are problemetic.

    I would made them a whole lot bigger or one way. Better trafic.

    DarkOne wrote:
    EgoSoft would have to dumb down the game a little bit to attract newbs to the series.

    Personally, I couldn’t stand any of the features missing. I think the best way to appeal to a wider audience for Egosoft would be better to have tutorials, much friendlier user interface and more instant action missions. But strip the game off its features and your core audience is going to hate you.


    Well the good thing about Xseries are the in depth and wealth of features wich offers a multitude of gameplay options.

    But a GUI that make it all very unaccesable. Even missing.

    What the community scripter do is fill in some of the missing stuf. Wich is a good thing but also make the ui even more complicated.

    It also seams that the AI is very bad.

    I think the AI is just very limited and has no depth.

    It make sense to me that a UniversTrader jump to savety wenn red blips has a direction vector to it. A pilot would not wait till they start shooting wenn they come in range.

    So there is no need to dumb down but but work out the gameply and ui that fit it and AI that fit the gameplay and depth.

    Wich is still a big task.


    just got the x superbox not long ago and started out with x3tc. really enjoying this game, prob my favorite space sim at the moment. took me a while to learn but its not as bad as eve imo.

    i too would like to see this become an mmo.

    will prob play either reunion or albion prelude next but that might be a while. i assumed albion prelude was just a precursor to maybe an X4 game. was i wrong in assuming that?


    X Re-Birth looks to be the next move for EgoSoft. . . .

    I’m not sure why they’re trying to re-invent the wheel but from some of the forum posts I’ve read they’re looking to make the X series a little more ‘Approachable’. I have to admit that the learning curve on most X games is a steep one but well worth the effort, so I’m not sure why they’d want to dumb that down unless we’re moving towards a time when gamers want to just pick something up, have a blast for about 20 minutes and then put it down again . .

    My whole reason for getting involved with the X Universe was the holy grail of X Online Universe where the game would be played out over a live server with hundreds of other players, now if the changes being made for X Re-Birth allow for better net code and slimline the up and down streams for an online universe then I’m all for it but if, as I suspect it’s just window dressing then the next X game will be a the same as all the others.

    Time will tell.

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