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    In a few more days (Sunday) the Patriots will be playing the Rams in the Superbowl…. who do you think will win this one?

    Of course its the Patriots 🙂 hahahahaha Sorry Rams fans

    Living in New Hampshire I am a Boston/New England sports fan so the Patriots, Celtics, Bruins and Red Sox fan are my home teams. I will admit New England/Boston fans can be annoying with all of the shit talking or snobby attitudes 🙂 I guess you get that attitude from winning too damn much hahaha

    I follow football the closest and remember the days when the Pats were a bad team and were lucky to get 4 wins in a season. So I am enjoying this time in history watching the Patriots write history with their playing and success. It does help to have the best coach and quarterback ever. But I am soaking this all up because I know it will not last forever. But Belichek and Brady are cementing their legacies in football history and you rarely get to see this so enjoy the show.

    Ok to the game, if the Rams can’t get to Brady then the Pats win its simple. You have to pressure Brady to beat him, but NE does spend money on the O-Line to guard the GOAT 🙂

    Maybe I can turn you into a fan ….


    Good luck to Rams! TB and gang are coming to get ring number 6 😉

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    I think it’s on the BBC tonight – if I had a TV, I’d probably watch it.
    I reckon it’ll be close, very close. Patriots to win in overtime.


    The Pats did win (no surprise here) but I was bored to death with the whole superbowl and the halftime show wasn’t any good either. I do give props to the Pats, there defense did an amazing job holding the highest scoring team in the NFL to 3 points. Pats had some faults on offense as well, yeah we won. But it was sloppy win with fumbles, interceptions, dropped passes…. Not our best performance but it is a win.

    So many haters out there today hahaha 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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