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      I surely do hope X4 doesn’t have the same rocky start as X: Rebirth did. I Finally purchased all of X:Rebirth and its expansions back in July. I haven’t played this at all yet, so I will probably be waiting to purchase X4 until mid to late 2019 after patches and this planned DLC is released.

      Read more on steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/392160/X4_Foundations/

      X4: Foundations will feature an extremely large universe from day one.
      Home to several factions of the Argon, Teladi and Paranid races, each with multiple complex economies.
      The Paranid, for example, are a race with very deep religious beliefs, fractured into two competing empires and now raging war against each other.

      Then there are of course also a lot of other potential adversaries:
      Those where you have a choice, like different Pirate factions, and those where you don’t, like the infamous Xenon: A race of advanced artificial general intelligence, once built by mankind themselves to help colonise space.

      There will be Expansions, which will bring more races, their ships, stations and lots of missions into the X4 Universe. Our goal is to bring the first big Expansion within about one year.

      X4: FOUNDATIONS preorder and digital Collector’s Edition:

      X4: FOUNDATIONS will be available for $49.99 (€49.99) on November 30th.
      Starting today you can pre-order the digital Collector’s Edition and get:

      – Exclusive pre-order paint mod (*requires egosoft community account connected with Steam account)
      – First Expansion planned release in 2019
      – Second Expansion planned release tba.
      – The X Universe Digital Artbook 2018: Enjoy the concept art behind the X universe.
      – X Novel: Nopileos by Helge Kautz as English and German eBook.
      – Digital Soundtrack: The music, including exclusive versions of the trailer and teaser music in highest possible quality.

      The Collector’s Edition of X4: FOUNDATIONS can be preordered now for the discounted pre-order price of $74.99 (€74.99) at: Egosoft’s own online store or from Steam:


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      Rebirth is… odd? The story is fairly generic. (I do believe they pretty much copied Darkstar One for the first half…) Rebirth is much more accessible, yet … clunky? The station walking is terrible, made worse by how difficult it is to find a mechanic to do something as simple as fix your ship. Its just… overly bloated, and not in a good way like IWar 2 or FS2. They added all these mechanics and they just dont gel well together.

      As for X4. I was excited until I went to the steam page and saw the system requirements. Sheesh. Guess I’ll pick it up when I build a whole new computer lol.

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      🙂 I am hoping there is mods and player made patches that might fix some of the issues with X:R when I finally sit down to play it.

      X4 system specs aren’t too bad with the GTX1070+ and 16GB of memory for recommended specs. Which honestly make sense after watching the videos. I wanted to buy another 16GB for my system sometime next year, damn memory prices have been high for over a year now.

      I do hope Egosoft has a better launch of X4 than with X:R, because even though I have never finished a X game, I still do admire the fact they are a dedicated space/scifi game developer and there isn’t many of those 🙂

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      I’m not holding out much hope of smooth launch considering what has happened with the past games.

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      You know I have been burned with every single x game I have bought over the years.


      You know what I’m going to sit on the fence for 6 months and see what happens.

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      At least, I waited 2yrs and still haven’t played X:R yet after I bought it 😀

      But like I said I give props to Egosoft that they do not quit on their games and they are worth a look or purchase just because they do fix their games if you give them the time. I just hope the core game is fleshed out and stable before they start putting DLC in.

      I am particularly interested with station interaction and exploration to see how it improves over X:R.

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