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Humble Book Bundle ends on 9/11/2019

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    it’s not because i don’t respect you and the work it’s just because i love pioneer.

    Humble Book Bundle ends on 9/11/2019

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    some news

    i signed to frontier.forums (again).

    phoenix’ first thread is here:
    who is me and why i lurk around here

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    I hope you don’t mind but a little “hmmmmm…..?” with the keybindings

    Judge yourself:

    As soon as i disable the joysticksupport i can’t change anything to the keybindings.
    While there is no Joystick connected to my notebook, the only input device connected is the mouse.

    And such Keys
    i don’t have on my notebook???
    (must be quite a large keyboard with many many keys – chinese though?)

    Well if it’s bound to such because if and under certain circumstances someone could in a very rare case use a different language as english and a different keyboard as one with 104 keys like:

    Well, some of us live in the “western world”, hard to imagine but it’s true. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Just guess of someone who installs the game for the first time will be confused if not disappointed.

    It disappoints me even if i can edit the config.ini and use my old keybindings, a newbe can’t.
    If he does the “mistake” to disable the joysticksupport he will be lost.

    Most won’t have noticed that because most probably you didn’t changed the keybindings since xxx and kept the same for every build.

    I installed it “new new” so to say, in a new directory and erased the user dir that it builds a new config.ini.

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    to the above post, i’m really confused, the config.ini seems to have no effect on the keybindings and to assign them from in the game is a horror because this neither ends up like i wish or is confusing, sometimes the edit window pops up sometimes not, sometimes it works sometimes it fails.

    In fact i lost patience already only to bind the keys i need to play.

    If i’m allowed to say the HUD is anything as intuitive.
    How long do i know this game? 2009/2010 ?
    And i can’t engage the autopilot because i have no idea where to engage it.
    No symbol, no button for this but 100 of things i don’t need to know and all is as tiny that even if i wear glasses i get problems to read it.
    (i can’t afford a 3m wide screen i’m very sorry, i own a tiny notebook).
    I can say i’m already happy i found out where to set the target by try and error but i can’t find anything that tells me “autopilot” or is it engaged or not and how and where? no idea – i’m lost.

    No i don’t read manuals (and certainly not of pioneer), i never did, almost, i guess the last i’ve really read was the 300 pages strong manual for simearth and that was 1993 (the whole gaia theory, so someone really readed it, just because the author stated “no one will read this”), but that’s something different, to play it you won’t need it – it’s intuitive.

    Usually i first play and i know every player acts like this, you don’t read manuals you play and if you have a question then you refere to it.

    It is no wonder to me that “johnyliltoe” had no idea i haven’t myself any idea and i’m not new to the game.

    Together with the keybinding problem this was the most obvious and most annoying i experienced with Pioneer, this and last build (any between alpha31 and this i don’t know).

    So in fact i didn’t came to play even if i’m willing and tried since two hours without any success.
    I’m lost, and i guess i would be completely lost if i would be new to the game.

    Respectively to be honest if i would be new to the game i would have gave it up after 10 minutes. If a newbe don’t get it in 10 minutes he will dislike it unless he’s an addicted.

    So i can’t even tell how it is to play because i can’t play it.
    And really i’m not stupid and try to act not willingly stupid.

    Let’s refere to the manual,
    Oh, which doc where is it?
    Ok let’s move to the wiki,
    it referes to the old HUD

    So who can tell me what i have to do?

    Again imagine i would be new to Pioneer,
    i really would have trashed it and would never tried a second time with it.

    Yep i would say “ok i can write a short introduction” but dammit i have no idea myself.

    OK, i found out how, rightclick on target, but really that is not intuitive, it was the last i didn’t tried after damned two hours of try and error.

    What i ask myself what use has it to hide it this way?
    What will tell me this if i didn’t even have a quick reference?

    Apart from this very obvious stuff i can’t tell much, else it looks fine the most annoying to me is really the HUD.
    And well i didn’t even played, just liked to make a screenshot, but it looks it has getting a little late ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Imho it’s to much to tiny and to less intuitive, at least to me.
    (because i can’t read minds)
    To set the HUD on a diet (in amount and not in mass) wouldn’t harm i guess.
    50 percent of what i see i can use to play the rest seems to me useless info i don’t need and which only distracts from the important things.
    Therefore it wouldn’t harm to show on the screen what i really need to know to play like to engage the autopilot and this maybe scaled double.
    I’ve noticed i can fit the HUD to the resolution, i found this but a newbe?

    Sure now i know how but i still don’t like it.

    Also sure the old HUD didn’t reflects what is to expect of a spaceship, but it reflects what you need to play the game.
    To compare this with something odd (or old) the HUD of old old “Space Shuttle?” is far from the control desk in a space shuttle but it shows what i need to know to play the game.

    A plain Flight Simulator or a Shuttle Sim is something complete different here i like the exact replica, that’s the goal (if i would play such).
    The game one could say is to understand the controls, but not so for Pioneer i guess.

    Besides what would be reasonable for 3200?
    Mind control or i guess you would rather sit in a space vessel and the machine will do everything, that’s reasonable.
    Both is no game except to press one lonely button “lift off”.
    Reasonable can’t be the goal here.

    Just to explain a little why i like the basic HUD better might it remind of FE2 how much it likes, it made sense for the game, i would never change this.
    It’s imho optimized for this type of game.

    a short rant:
    If i look at todays car cockpits i get pretty the same impression, 50 percent is show if not more.
    Dad’s old Mini haven’t had even a speed counter only a tachometer, a oil warner , a water temperature warning lamp and the fuel meter that’s it you won’t need more to drive a Mini.
    Yeah ok he bought a speed meter and a tiny racing steer wheel (wooden partially fur wrapped) to pimp his Mini ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Two years ago i was allowed to sit in my therapists GT Nissan, feels like a fighter plane, no joke a lot of knobs and lamps even on the ceiling (not even his wife is allowed to. In fact he really liked me: “i guess it would be no problem for us to be locked for years in a bunker we would always find a topic to talk about”. So it was rather a study as a therapy and i really learned a lot about how they treat today).

    But no question i like the old Mini better.
    Spartanic and its “HUD” (desk of course) shows exactly what i need to know to drive a car, not less and not more.
    And sorry no GPS still no one drove in his neighbours garden like today, fascinating.

    The purpose dictates the design and to me it looks much better as the design of the overloaded GT Nissan with 100 lamps and switches (i assume it even has one to fade out the wife, press a button… flush)
    And that’s why Colani statet “99 percent of the designers are boasters”
    because the purpose dictates the design and rounded eges aren’t design they are just rounded edges.
    And i guess he showed well that a functional design mustn’t be boring.

    Let’s take a look at a classic space fighter and where this type of HUD with the circle in center comes from. Good old X-Wing.
    But it has a purpose, a Tie fighter hasn’t this why?
    Simply because with the X-Wing you lock a target in distance.
    You have the four emitters which reflect the beam over mirrors to the target for this the target must be locked in distance so that the four beams meet exactly on a single spot which i can move with without to move my ship.
    But for anything else it isn’t needed it has this sole purpose to show “target is locked in distance”.
    Besides this part of the desk only appears in engaged battle mode else it flaps aside because it has no other purpose.

    SW is only fantasy but in certain parts it’s a well thought fantasy.
    The design of the X-Wing is i guess the best in the whole SW universe.

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    Looks like you improved a lot of things.

    Haven’t played it yet, i just peeped into it.

    I (still) miss a little the console window.
    Is that feature hidden somewhere else now?
    (key96 “ยง” has no effect even if still assigned to in the config.ini
    Probably it’s removed because you don’t use lua scripts anymore?

    edit: i will see….

    *It’s a bit sad that it is now such a small window.

    Ah, yes windows defender argued because of the installer.
    But it’s just because it has no digital signature thus it’s “unknown”.

    And another Q do you used the facemod of “anonymus” (i have no idea who’s that)?
    It looks like.
    Just if, then i don’t have to care to put them in a mod.

    Thanks so far my buildings look fine spaced proper, suggestions are still welcome.
    edit: city density was on low, that’s why they was spaced wider.

    Geraldine, it looks like it’s getting “new”, renovations are on their way to frontier.forums. I liked to…. but ohh…. now i have to wait a day or two.

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    further i noticed that if i dump the models using gl-xtractor i get two collision meshes out of one, that’s weird/wrong.
    (if i dump only the collision mesh)
    gl-extractor dumps the screen no matter what it is if it runs through open gl. i can even dump a 3dfx game if i use a open gl driver for the virtual card.
    looks a bit weird (the scene of streets i.e. is in 2D, you only get the sides exported facing to you and they are all on the same plane) but it just dumps what is drawn to the screen. I assume this doubled collision mesh must be an error of Pioneer31.

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    Little news to post

    Like i assumed it was the “Turner Class” which prevents the FFE ships mod from running proper. After i used a diff. drive (class5 common) the problem has vanished.

    Recently i’m working on the FFE ships mod to extend it to the FFE mod i had once, including the factions & systems from FFE. Of course it can’t be identical but as close as possible.

    Further i started to collect the existing FFE ships i have in wavefront format (adder, cobra, sidie, courier etc) in a seperated ship mod to add to the FFE mod.
    They will replace the relevant ships in the FFE mod with higher detailed ones or simply FFED3D conversions, they still could be made very quick if one likes. You can take the direct-x mesh for “Pioneer” you just have to sclae it up 10 times which is quite quick done if you open such a mesh in text format. The top level frame contains a string like this:
    1.000, 0.000, 0.000, 1.000
    0.000, -1.000, 0.000, 1.000
    0.000, 0.000, -1.000, 1.000

    if you change this to
    10.000, 0.000, 0.000, 1.000
    0.000, -10.000, 0.000, 1.000
    0.000, 0.000, 10.000, 1.000
    then it’s scaled 10 times up
    should be

    depending on how the animation is made this must be changed to
    because if the scale in the anim points to 1 it will be scaled by 1.
    but usually one can erase the scale value of the animation data because we don’t need it. It depends how it was exportet (some scaled parts with the anim then you lost), most export scripts blatantly export all keys for pos,rot,scale, some like the one i had for blender 1.49 only the channels you set, which is cleverer imho (one of the never replaced and never reached user skripts of 1.49, the x. exporter for “idiots” which never fails to do exactly what you commandet).
    Just you can only use one material for FFED3D models, first because they use only one, second Pioneers importer doesn’t respects materials of .x meshes. does and doesn’t, i guess it works in text format but not for binary meshes. I’m not sure that’s a bit a tohouwabohou in release 31, likewise that it didn’t respects truely the material library files of wavefront, it only respects the textures for LMR while it has worked once, it does it halfaways for SGM (but the names of the materials could be taken from the .obj file itself only for this, if you don’t respect the material setting in the lib it makes no sense to use it, using it only half for the textures and to specify only the material in the .model file makes neither sense. either one, either matlib and i don’t ave to care in the .model or only .model and i don’t need the crippled used matlib),

    and there was this mistake to take the material ID instead of the Name for collada in 31 (which means that i have to edit the export for pioneer31 so it will even work in the recent release with the same .model file), and even if i use the latest blender version the collada export of blender leaks a lot, means it doesn’t exports the materials at all if i didn’t export it first wrong “textures” instead “materials” then if i export it a second time setting “materials” the materials are listed in the exported mesh, argh.

    Added the cargo to the delivery missions advert so you see now how much it weights if (assumed you read the mission text). Next will be the interplanetary distance in AU, i guess it can be useful to know this in advance.

    ah yes i noticed a little mistake in the new Sidewinder i made for Geraldine.
    I missed a material thus it will leak of one, nearly not to notice but since i know it i have to fix it.

    that’s because i converted it back to use for LMR and while i was disassembling the mesh based on the materials i noticed that one material isn’t assigned. it doesn’t differs much to the skripted one i made but differs much to the far simpler version i made this winter and i liked to see if i can gain a few fps, but for ships it isn’t that relevant as for buildings as i thought already. It still needs at least a landing gear and this costs most of the fps, in fact more as to exchange a skin dynamically and the respective geometry. It’s because a landing gear consists of multiple sub-models and even an unanimated static called sub-model has a higher impact as a 1000 dynamic drawed tris.

    imo this shouldn’t be but i experienced that.

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    Will post a little something in this thread.


    I peeped into walterars scout+ modules (missions) and i’m overwhelmed.
    Plenty of good ideas here!

    I can’t say if i can adapt them because of release differences but at least i can adapt some ideas.

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    that’s the fast talking guy
    in reply to: Total mod Genesia #112879

    it’s quite off topic but the win10 relevant clips i watched:

    dunno if the title to you appears in german like for me but the clip is in english.
    in reply to: Total mod Genesia #112878

    short list (to refresh memory)
    – sirius interdictor
    – ladybird starfighter
    – flowerfairy heavy trader
    – walrus

    was the 4 original ships of Pioneer
    But i guess i washed them to hot, they all shrunk (more or less).


    How long did you still got support for Win7 from MS, the effective support for XP ended this year, it was still supportet and updated for business machines you just had to enter a flag to the registry that your machine is such a machine and it would have been updated to 2019 even if the official support endet 2014, support for the security updates at least any else not.

    I assume they will keep such even up for win7 (dunno but assume), certainly it’s not that heavy used as XP but they can’t do that so quick for such machines which in fact might just control an aircondition or whatever technical or control purpose it has, nonetheless if this machine is connected to the web it must be save, no one likes intruders which enter through the aircondition.

    Yes i guess there was a major update to win10, at least when i bought mine i was adviced to immediately download it and install it offline, if possible this is still the best way because else you really risk a rollback especilly if it’s such a massive update.

    So i don’t know even how it was before because as soon as i was registered to MS with my OS i downloaded the update.

    But i understand well that it’s a big dislike ’cause i disliked it to, i just i had no opportunity.

    Personally especially if i look the UI it was… no it wasn’t it’s to us more user friendly because we are used to and win7 is closer to XP in look and feel.
    I guess mostly it’s that, you dislike it because it feels strange, at least that’s what i think.

    Sure i would wish that it wouldn’t be so stiff especially permissions for users or that you have for certain areas simply no permission even if you are the admin of the machine, that’s really annoying, but i have to work with it and i don’t have to like it.

    Yep, some up some down, what is annyoing to (but maybe is to fix) that the i.e. blender 1.49 doesn’t works well anymore it ran fine under win7 now it’s not to use, it’s not a big problem usually i use the latest release and not one from 2010 but i missed it a couple of times because of certain user created skripts which was quite good ones, and that tard really even worked.

    while that’s 3.1 on a virtual amiga, it’s the last i used.

    i’m not sure if i would still like it except to waste a lot of time creating icons for it ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Of course in the end you like to run a program the rest is “schick-schnack”, that’s where it comes to tune win10, to get rid of all the waste, ballast, app here background task there and every app acts like it’s the most important task and steals processing time for what….?

    …occasionally it could be that under certain conditions…

    It was quite fast but like always in the past with every update you lose power, mostly because some new extremely important (in other words completely useless) background task is stealing processing time.

    Just as example the whole X-Box tard, some stuff is really good like the screen capture it’s hardly to notice when you play, but on the other hand it doesn’t need an app or three in the background who just wait that you get connected to the whole X-Box thing in web, i’m not interested and even if then is still time enough to start the app then and it doesn’t have to run for nothing, not even the screen capture has to run in the background it also works if i call it when i need it, and such apps you have countless and get also some new just in case you get bored because everything runs fine.
    1000 times 0.1 percent is 100 percent, even if every app just wastes a little it’s a big waste in the end.
    it’s fine if you like to write or do bookkeeping with it then you won’t feel that i always say for this an A500 would be still more then enough.
    (i imagine now the communal service using A500 instead of the latest crap, but c’mon it would work the same for this, keeping data? a Texas Instruments calc can do that to, nah ok somehow i can be happy they need always the top notch machines to calculate 1+1=2 thanks to that i could buy this laptop so good in price, almost new it must have been out of an office he had a dozend of them, most likely they are leftovers from a workshop, but refurbished for 200 bucks that’s more then ok i can’t find such on e-bay).

    Recently i have a big security problem, yes this dude even claimed the defender is for the trashcan, well it’s the only one i can afford, or i thought ok if it comes free with the OS what do i need any else for.
    The problem is a bit strange, each time when i read or post in the site of 20minutes (a newspaper) it fills my HD to the rim, it writes and writes without to stop in the virtual ram until the machine is completely lasted out and i have to hard reset. I assume it’s an advertise, sounds stupid but it’s the only good explanation i have, something which is loaded and i have to see under all conditions else i won’t be happy my whole life.

    Any else seems to be no problem or i don’t know of it.

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    Indeed it is tom noflag morton ๐Ÿ™‚

    When you examine the script you can see very well that it’s made by someone who is very versatile in maths.

    Dunno who’s exactly the designer, Tom told me that his wife is the “creative one” (while i answered that he’s as creative just different) if i remember that right. However the beziers for the wings of the ladybird are pre-calculatet, something i can’t do or i would have to learn first how to generate vertices instead to write them one by one, or like i do it mostly if i can’t imagne it to draw a sketch.

    What i know for sure that the Dome (which isn’t anymore in the game since i don’t know) was an idea of his wife. It was just a green dome and due to that it wasn’t much above the ground most time under the ground., besides even this was made typically Tom.

    they should be together with the starting ships (which i added later) in “xx_default_ships.lua”, the no# can vary and i also moved the ladybird from “texmapper_example.lua”, which doesn’t existanymore, to “default_ships” again, so all the original ships are in one file what was my intention once with “default_ships”. But i changed that and it can again change i guess it was proper only to gather Toms ships there so it’s more obvious. It’s really not important in which file they are and i could have all in one file for the scripted geometry but this is not handy and so i grouped them.

    Recently my skripted ships are in seperate files but i guss as soon as i don’t have to work on them anymore or just little changes i will gather them all in one file. While the skripted ffe ships are all in one single file, perhaps i number them, because with a “#nnn” they would be quick to find in the large skript.
    Of course the name works to but a “lanner” i.e. appears as name a couple of times.

    To bypass an existing model it’s enough to either replace it with an empty ship specs file or one which points to a different model.

    In this way… (and i feel it starts to get exclusive with the introduction of the .json files because i found out all this modding won’t work anymore, you can’t anymore simply replace or disable a model especially not if it’s a building for ships or stations i’m not that sure but i strongly assume that, sadly. i guess now you can only use the “mod” dir to add and not to replace)
    …In this way It’s possible to have a FFE mod (on which i’m recently working again a little) which replaces systems, factions, screens, ships, stations, model, in general the whole apperance of the game which i always saw as a central thing to “Pioneer”.

    Unlike that as soon as i start to work on the source my first change will be to remove the hard coded “ladybird” and replace it with “police”, interdictor (has no effect but it still lurks around in the code) with “default2” and the lanner which has been later added for the ship spinner at start to default1, this still affects “Phoenix” due to that i have tpo exchange the Lanner with a different model. strange is that for the ladybird and the interductor it referes to the ships name like the ship spec file is named while for the lanner it referes to the models actual name in the script.

    It just stands a bit in the way of modding and it’s not to clear why i keep a “ladyird starfighter” even when it’s in fact in the game “viper_police” i.e. A “polic_ship.lua” is certainly more obvious what it is likewise a default_ship of which is obvious that i have to keep it named like this instead to keep a ship spec “ip_shuttle” (even a hard coded one) for the default ship i need to start the game at all. (regardless of my starting ships i need for “Phoenix” they are called by the main_menu skript and have no relation to what is default for the game, that’s why i like to get rid of them except for police and one default ship).

    I like to make it obvious that you need at least 3 ships in minimum to start the game, the police vessel, a starting ship (quasi the ip shuttle or interdictor) and one big enough for the trader module else it will argue and one for the bulk ships while this module shouldn’t argue if there is no fitting ship, and unless i can’t change this a “dummy model” for the ship spinner.

    local wingtip_rear = v(30,-5,10)
    			local cpoint_rear = v(20,4,10)
    			local leadingedge_mid = v(24,-5,-3)
    			local tmp = v(5,0,5)
    			local cpoint_leadingedge1 = leadingedge_mid - tmp
    			local cpoint_leadingedge2 = leadingedge_mid + tmp
    			local normal = ((v29-v09):cross(v30-v09)):normalised()
    			local cpoint_bodycurve = 0.5*(v29+v30) + 3.0*(v29-v30):cross(normal):normalised()			-- top wing bulge
    			wingtip_rear, cpoint_leadingedge2, leadingedge_mid,
    			cpoint_rear, v(17,5,0), cpoint_leadingedge1,
    			v29, cpoint_bodycurve, v30)

    Nope i stilleven don’t understand fully what he did here.
    Yes i see he multiplied some vertices “:cross” and used “:normalised” which damned never worked for me ๐Ÿ™‚

    in reply to: Total mod Genesia #112857

    Maybe not a star but a shooting star.

    “One last thing, the Ladybird was created by Marcel back in the day. A sweet little ship it is too. I bet he will be glad to see that flying again!”

    Different skin, i will have to dig for it if i still have this.

    Nah, erm ummm, i don’t know, i came really to the end with XP ๐Ÿ™‚
    you now i was using it until last year, recently the also the powersupply of my old machine quitted service, so it’s completely out of order until i fixed that, but i guess – i don’t know what i like to run on it, nothing so far.

    From this side i can’t argue, i run every old shit on my Win10, maybe even better as under Win7.

    The thing you need for this is the “Compatibility Administrator” it’s even better as the “Compatibility Manager” of Win7 and i can run Programs where i needed before the help of “DXWnd” which intentionally runs fullscreen Direct-X applications in a window as the name suggests, but it has been enhanced to a very helpful program to run old software.
    Much better then any virtual machine because you can use the full power of your real machine.
    And there is not much which it can’t help to run from win1.3 to today.
    foremost that is because of the tricked DX versions.
    It lets the software believe that it is a former release and even acts like this release, even when it simply uses the recent release on your machine.
    “DXWnd” lies a lot, so to say.
    You can limit virtually memory if you like or limit the graphics card or most of what could be needed to run an old software.
    It has a library of presets and users do can share them.

    But the recent “Compatibility Administrator” (it has to be downloaded seperately from MS) does the job as good as i experienced and i don’t need the help of “DXWnd” anymore.
    When you install it and browse through the fixes you will see almost any old game already listet in it.
    NFS4, SimCopter, Streets, just to name a few of my favorites.
    And yes probably they learned from “DXWnd” it is somewhat popular and the fixes which concentrate on games show that off, things like to trick the DX version wasn’t possible before.
    Further this really makes virtual machines obsolate if you don’t need a closed environment.

    That means once installed you won’t have to care for most old software it will run by dblclick.

    It can fail of course but with a little experience it’s not that hard to install a fix by yourself, a very personal fix if you like though.
    Yes it was a process to learn that and at start with Win7 i was also overstrained by the many settings options fixes.
    But one after the other, take a game and see what will help step by step.
    Often it was guesswork, “no idea what exactly that means, let’s see…”
    “aha it’s for this, note that next time it can be useful”.
    Still 80% of it is unknown to me.
    A lot of things you will never need for a game, what games need to be run is repetively the same.

    It can be really handy, i.e i wrote that already i use it to center the window of Pioneer. because win10 has this strange behave to cascade program windows and you can’t get rid of that, not all but foremost stuff which isn’t MS their own programs can influence this behave.
    That means first time it starts in the upper left corner and works itself with every run down to lower right until the window vanishes half under the lower edge, i found that’s shit and found a solution for it in the compatibilty admin.
    “center app window to screen”

    the “compatibilty admin” can store fixes different you can store it in the internal library or you can generate a fix which you can put anywhere you like, i use to store them in the games dir. It’s also possible to share the fixes named xxx.sdb.
    So the “center app window” fix for pioneer will work for your pioneer as well as example.
    But it’s also possible to share the whole library.

    I guess, to return to win10, it’s like always when an OS is designed new the ppl will dislike it, but it’s not that bad even if it has some backdraws, but again that’s a Q of POV.

    Failing updates, rollbacks and bottlenecks caused by the updates aren’t new at all.
    Of course one would have wished to get rid foremost of the bottlenecks.

    A plus here and a minus there.

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    It’s not that aweful – it’s even worse ๐Ÿ˜‰
    i’m using it if i liked it or not.
    Yeah it was a big dislike at start, Win7 is truely “better”.

    “Better”, it depends on the type of user, i watched a clip of a former ms employee ranting about win10, he’s certainly right in every point.

    But i also commented, “MS is industry like any industry and i like to produce and sell. As an industrial to me is only of interest what the mass of customers will like and they like to b e leaded by the OS. The days that only nerds sat in front of a computer to read out data with a table are definately past. The Mass likes Cortana and the so called AI which is anything as but they believe that this is the long awaited and so often promised AI”.

    MS came closer to OSX, the machine suggests, i certainly dislike that to and i dislike a lot of other things like that it is still more an OS for a tablet as for a computer. It seems it was worse before but a hybrid is neither a solution imho it would have been better to release two OS’s based on the same, one for computers and one for tablets, the tasks aren’t the same and no matter what they propagate you can’t work really productive with a tablet.
    I mean i can’t make Models with sliding my fingers over a screen, that has no precision and it’s clumsy, it’s not like they show off in advertises.
    It can be very handy for presentations yes.

    He foremost ranted about the no longer by the user to influence behave for installing updates, they will be installed automatically and you neither can set the timepoint. this has raged him up, because he liked to make a presentation and usualy this laptop he said is always online but for this time it wasn’t. He started the machine early enough as he thought but exactly now it had to install one of those “security updates” (whatever of bs that is),
    so he had to wait until it was installed, at end of the procedure must have went something wrong and the OS performed a rollback, which has ment he couldn’t make his presentation in the end because it took the machine hours and it was out of service.

    Sure for a pro like him this is the last you like to be dictated by the OS.

    But well 10% of “heavy users” doesn’t make the sale.

    Like i said i like to control the machine and not that the machine controls me.

    But the mass likes it, at least i assume that.

    I disliked it but yeah had to become a friend of it, had to ๐Ÿ™

    It still needs maintainance and i had last week a clip running how to get the last out of it for gaming but he’s talking very fast and it’s horrible to follow all advices.

    So this is the “hard stuff” which is really mean, not to control update behave, and as usual a constant blowing up of the system by the updates, they feed on CPU power, each little proggy in the background needs some power that’s the point.

    Other is more UI related which i dislike, the startmenu, ah you can’t call that anymore a startmenu it’s shit. First what i did to clean that off all the junk.
    I don’t need makro symbols in the startmenu for every shit i don’t need to use, so flush it (even if i like big icons, but not in the startmenu).
    You can’t usually add programs to the startmenu, either the installer does that or not.

    I found a way to manage the startmenu myself but that’s not intented.
    Win10 will argue if you do so even as admin of the machine, and it’s not the only protected folder, so again a strong dislike here because that is my machine and i like to maintain it i don’t like if certain folders are forbidden for me.

    You can add a shortcut to “C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu” usually this is a locked folder but it’s possible to assign a shortcut to it and open the folder from the shortcut.
    In this way i still can manage myself the content of the startmenu.

    Win10 can performs horrible things but you can find a way to get rid of that control from the OS over you.

    in reply to: Different Buildings (mod) #112851

    Of course nozmajner thanks for the reply nonetheless.

    In general it’s the same as for the old lmrmodelviewer.
    Perhaps i mixed it up because the old won’t show them anyway if not tagged ship or station since the tagging had been removed for the game.
    Except of course you call it by its name or start with the models name.

    The lmr needs no folders to know if it’s a ship station or building it depends on the tagging and you could have all in one skript.
    Except yeah for the Buildings since this tagging had been completely removed (for no good imho and now you guys have to find a way to respect that again “city starport”, “city building” “city energy” or whatever gives some structure to the cities, certainly the right idea) since its removed only the game respects the tag “city building” but not the lmrmodelviewer.

    I certainly mixed that up, yes they show off at end, when placed in the game they are on top.

    I guess the hierarchy is usually caused by the directories name i assume, but mods will be last in hierarchy, this is needed so i can overwrite a file with the mod resp. the game respects then the mod and not the original file.

    Assumed that still works. I experienced that it seems to be not longer possible the .json stuff prevents from a lot.

    And oh imho Pioneer leaks of a proper buildings set, you have only a couple of residentials or they look like residentials to me, i miss anything which looks like industry or commerce.

    And before i would think about to give the city a structure i would take care about to split hostile and outdoor architecture, i wish this since aeons.

    Also my buildings look stupid on a hostile planet with exception for two which i already placed in a dir “hostile” and the rest in “outdoor” it was ment as a litle hint that this will be good.
    The “Colani Egg” and the “Octaeder” are sealed and ment to be placed on hostile worlds, sorta pioneering buildings.
    Hostile worlds could contain nothing else as a hostile station (a sealed one like mine) and a couple of domes, this is not only FE2 it’s damned very reasonable. I feels it’s still horrible if i land on a hostile world on an outdoor landing pad. recently this is randomly and you could only code this hard for Sol (or other systems which are skripted) if you know which seed shows up which station while this can change with the next build.

    And it’s even more horrible to see skyscrapers on a moon.

    I easy can imagine a hostile station which covers a whole city, that would be most reasonable, a bit like moonbase alpha.

    clever made it could be procedural generated and show each time a little different layout or combination of the buildings.

    Stations else should be more off the center, it’s not comprehensible that a starport is in center of a city, poor residents what a horrible noise.

    I grew up close to an airbase, it is horrible any airport can’t be that noisy.
    Back in the ’70s when we still used the “Venom” it was like a small earthquake when they started. they could hardly lift on the short runway and was a few feet above the rooftops.

    They took the planes out even in winter just to warm up the engines once in winter. They was just parked and secured and then they started the engines. “Uiiiiiiiiiiiiiii……………………………..” through the whole valley.

    Venom and Vampire was the proper name this fighter made a horrible noise like a banshee (Vampire was simply the version with extra fuel tanks on the wingtips).

    Just to imagine how that would be if a 1000 ton spacecraft lifts as long as we have no antigravity.

    I guess today they would evacuate the whole area in a range of 100km.

    However in midst of the city or close to center is not reasonable.

    But that’s nitpicking i guess the splitting in outdoor and hostile is what is needed most.

    To have a structure like your new teammate suggested is secondary to me, personally i feel it’s not that bad without this structing in industrial, residential and commercial zones.

    Another thing i like to see solved is the to tight distance of the buildings.
    It looks to me like the collision meshs data is bypassed and all buildings have simply the same radius, because the recent buildings are all small the same in footprint and i remeber that it once was debatet to position them closer, the collision meshs radius which is the average radius i assume spaces the buildings to far if they are very high and rather “thin”. But it’s a bit stupid from my pov to use a fixed radius as if those buildiungs which i truely never liked to much can’t change or would be the last and best one can imagine.

    Not even of mine i think they couldn’t be made better, in general they are skripted ,models and it could be made better easy. I took not much effort to convert them to SGM and used what i skripted, but with a little effort they could be made better.

    It simply prevents from properly adding different buildings and they will look wrong if they haven’t the same footprint.

    But hey, i still can do that myself i just have to kick my ass ๐Ÿ™‚

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