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Get Rebel Galaxy and Grey Goo in this bundle for $1

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    Hmmm …. maybe i will checkout No Man’s Sky again then.
    For me, i really need an aim in a game. Something to drive me forward and get me hooked up.
    Skyrim does that too well what with the main story line, side quests and stuff. Sometimes it can be overwhelming :tongue:
    Mass Effect series and Freelancer did that in a very balanced manner !
    I think i’ll just have to wait for something that i am looking for. quite a lot of Space sims under development now. :star: : Good times seem to be upon us, in the future!



    Hey there,
    Thank you for commenting XenonS !

    The thing is, i have played bot the games you have mentioned above, and both of them do not interest me.
    No Man’s Sky was fun the first hour, but then it kind of became repetitive as there is no ongoing story to it. It is like playing Skyrim without the story or any of the side quests. Sorry !
    Rebel Galaxy somehow did not capture my attention for some reason, just did not feel right, probably because of the 2D control. :tongue:

    I am kind of looking for something that is a mixture of Freelancer, X series, and E:D i guess ….
    Cheers !

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)