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    You make an interesting point about interactions. When I think of GOOD interactions in a space game I think of Space Rangers 2 or the X series. Both games it fit the gameplay just as much as immersion. Being pointed towards a missile factory or bargaining with pirates was always enjoyable. However from the video it looks similar to Privateer… and from what I remember, there really wasn’t a whole lot. You could ask people where they where going, and for them to surrender… not much else was there? Granted its been a while. Most of the combat dialogue was just taunts and things like that, nothing that served any purpose beyond flavor. I certainly don’t remember haggling or bribing a cop. Then again I don’t think I used communications very often.

    Im not going to disagree with you about difficulty Pinback. I will however point out that Privateer was BRUTAL. AT ALL TIMES. To this day I despise the Retros. :\ Elite was significantly harder. Most of the time when you got into combat in E1, FE2, or FFE it was an instant death early on.

    Now… Freelancer was a bit different. I still have it installed and play it from time to time. Its mind numbingly easy. The only time its even remotely challenging is when I am in a trading vessel.

    Anyway my point is, I found Rebel Galaxy to be pretty difficult after the first system as well, but I’m not sure yet if thats a bad thing. I put over 20 hours into it, and enjoyed it, but the combat itself was fairly unengaging for me personally. Anyway, thanks for the podcast link. Im hurting for some more information. Its been a month or so since we got any videos. The hype hurts!

    If only I could decide on my trusty joystick or a controller..

    This bundle expires on 3/25/2019

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    I cant find an edit button either. I think you guys discussed it in another thread? So…

    …I just picked up Everspace because I need something to tide me over until Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, and E:D just isn’t cutting it. (I Like thruster based combat, and loved FS2, but E:D just makes it too difficult, if you get in combat with any NPC over Novice, you had better have a fully decked out end-game combat ship. They really dropped the ball imho.

    I like roguelikes so I’ll give my impressions. Im also playing Freelancer again, so that will color my impressions a bit.

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    Ooh. Stellar Tactics does look good, as does Spacebourne.

    Everytime I look at Everspace those two come to mind.

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    Yeah. Yeah you really haven’t missed much. That big ‘revolution’ of space games didn’t really happen. I remember when I was eagerly awaiting E:D and X Rebirth. Nowadays I just play some Privateer, Freelancer, or EV Nova. (maybe some Space Rangers 2 HD.)

    Space sims are where they have always been.

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    Yeah this guy isn’t nearly as interested in this type of game as we are. The fact that he put Dreadnaught up there kinda says it all. A space based world of tanks with space ships is being compared to Elite Dangerous? You include Strike Suit Zero, but not House of the Dying Sun?

    Frankly, Elite Dangerous is a broad game, it allows for three major styles of player. It really boils down to separate schools of thought.

    A. “I want to be Han Solo!”
    B. “I want to be Spock!”
    C. “I want to be Wedge Antilles!”

    Players like me enjoy space sims for the immense freedom and ability to do whatever I want. Trading some goods, to fighting off some pirates. Elite offers this. Others enjoy entering a new star system and counting how many planetoids are surrounding a brown star. Elite offers this. Dreadnaughts offers none of these things so it could appeal to the third crowd. Space combat with capitol ships and lasers everywhere. But to put Strike Suit Zero anywhere near FS2 or HoDS is utterly baffling. Elite has a much better combat system than most people will ever realize because its so unintuitive to those who never played FS2.

    I dunno, this list is bonkers. I’m with SSCADMIN on this one.

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    Rebirth is… odd? The story is fairly generic. (I do believe they pretty much copied Darkstar One for the first half…) Rebirth is much more accessible, yet … clunky? The station walking is terrible, made worse by how difficult it is to find a mechanic to do something as simple as fix your ship. Its just… overly bloated, and not in a good way like IWar 2 or FS2. They added all these mechanics and they just dont gel well together.

    As for X4. I was excited until I went to the steam page and saw the system requirements. Sheesh. Guess I’ll pick it up when I build a whole new computer lol.

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    Ive done alot more research into this…

    … and its now my most anticipated game of 2019.

    They really added alot to the classic Privateer gameplay. More importantly, Double Damage understood what made that game so great. I cannot wait. We’ve needed a privateer remake for the next generation, and greasy explosions, an epic radio station system, and outstanding arcade combat looks great!

    I love the attention to detail. The OOMPH of the weapons and their sounds, the feel of the cockpits, and the variety of mini-games.

    This game is shaping up to be something special. Its like they looked into my brain and made a game just for me! Cannot be more excited. I will be purchasing day one. Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen don’t even appeal to me in the same way. Then again I like space sims for the open ended do whatever I want within a living galaxy gameplay, and not staring at quasars or rocks. I have faith they will do a great job with this. Rebel Galaxy was fun, but the capital ship focus really took away from the idea of living in a backwater system trying to scrape by. Haven’t been this excited since I first put the Freelancer CD into my computer a decade or so ago.

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    I forgot not everyone lives in the U.S. or is familiar with Military statutes and limitations. In the U.S. all jet powered fighter/strike aircraft (like my beloved F-16.) can only be operated by qualified individuals chosen by the Air-Force. One of their non-negotiable limits is color blindness. I can never even qualify for training let alone operate one. Its impossible. A limit that cannot be overcome within my lifetime. (There are age requirements as well.)

    My example was to show that, despite what the television tells you, life owes you nothing, and no matter how hard you try… some things just aren’t attainable. Its fact. I will never be King of the United Kingdom. ( I actually have no idea how that works. Is the royal family over the entire Kingdom, or just England? I know Scotland and Ireland each have their own respective royal families…)

    Although it is pretty cool that you can Fence! One of my heroes Fred Bear, is a famous Archer here in America who helped bring archery back into hunting. He didn’t start archery until his late thirties if I recall.

    in reply to: Limit Theory: An Infinite, Procedural Space Game #111615

    Oh thank god. How long have I been predicting this? Limit Theory was one of the 3 games that I routinely used in conversation to discuss development hell. From the very beginning Josh wasn’t the guy to get this done. He was too young, and while bright ideas and passion will get you far, that spark will die out. Organization is absolutely required to make a cohesive video game. His idea was great, but he had no idea whatsoever what he was getting into.

    I’m happy for several reasons.

    1. Its over. Nobody else has to get their hopes up for something that will never happen. (Btw. Working on someone else’s code? Especially someone as disorganized as Josh? Basically impossible. That source code will never amount to anything. Not being negative, but its reality. Heroes of Might and Magic III was released on steam minus the expansion. Why? Because the source code was flat out gone. Similar thing applies here. Coding is difficult enough without having to figure out someone elses work. You need help to learn another language, you don’t just listen to Chinese and pick it up in a usable form quickly. Anyway, the important thing is that people aren’t being lied too anymore. Their money is gone, and hopefully they learn from giving cash to a child.

    2. He can start to grow as a person. I’ve watched all of my dreams die. I can never fly a fighter aircraft. I’m color blind. Its fact. Now I’m getting too old to enlist so even if those color blind glasses do work. Its over. I wanted so much from life when I was young. And as those dreams and ideas crumbled under the cold finality of the human condition, I grew. I learned. I adapted. He will do the same. I’m just happy it happened sooner rather than later. Josh was a foolish young person. I was too. Now he can learn and move on. I wish people hand’t crowdfunded his obsession with tinkering with code, but not much for it now.

    in reply to: Limit Theory: An Infinite, Procedural Space Game #111591

    I can’t find anything definitive, but here’s what I’ve gathered.

    Talks about someone leaving the team.

    Was from July and mentions Josh being alone again.

    This coupled with a quick perusal of recent dev blogs where Josh goes from “we” to “I” pretty well paints a picture of Josh being on his own again. I think it really boils down to one simple fact. Josh has zero desire to produce a game, and every desire to tinker behind the scenes for decades. Thats just my opinion however.

    in reply to: Limit Theory: An Infinite, Procedural Space Game #111594

    Where have Adam and Lindsey run off to?

    To the devlogs where its explained :ghost:

    Adam to Blizzard and Lindsey to unknown pastures

    ^ This is post #9. His ‘team’ moved on. In that same thread linked. If you could merge these posts that would be great.

    Again, I have to reiterate, if your ‘team’ leaves after a few short months, it says alot about the project and where its going.

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    I certainly hope so.

    I’m not much of a Ship customization guy. At least not that in depth. It sounds cool in theory, but generally speaking you are upgrading your ships anyway. Or working towards a new ship. Starpoint Gemini Warlords had a simpler version of the same thing. Decals, and layers etc. I hardly spent any time in it, because it took ALOT of effort to make something that looked good. From the video it looks like they added something like GIMP or Paint+ but I doubt it will get as much use when we just wanna trade and blow things up. My 2c on that aspect of the game.

    It certainly looks amazing, but lets remember that Rebel Galaxy was fairly short and underdeveloped. I think I beat it in like 15 hours with max ship.

    I am super excited to have a reason to break out my joystick again however. And I’ve always wanted to play a Privateer type game. (Gemini Gold has game breaking bugs, and the GOG version I never got to work correctly.)

    in reply to: Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay Reveal #111592

    Here’s my biggest issue right now. Alot of people don’t fully grasp how CD Project Red got to how they are. Because sadly, most people haven’t played the first Witcher game.

    It was JANK. It was the most janky european style cluster that I think I’ve ever played. It was amazing, but also a convoluted hard-core mess. Most people really only ever played Witcher 2 and 3.

    Why does this matter? Because they have never developed an FPS. Or a game where you make your own character. Im super excited, but I will definately be waiting for a polished game of the year edition. They are one of the best developers in gaming, but I feel like they are biting off more than even they can choose.

    in reply to: Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay Reveal #111586


    Its made by the people who made Witcher 3. Its probably going to be the best open world FPS RPG ever conceived. Its going to get excellent support and massive expansion packs.

    I can’t get excited about a game like that again. After No Man’s Sky and Elite Dangerous my fragile heart can only take so much. 🙁

    in reply to: Star Control: Origins #111585

    I bought it without nostalgia, but man. I was turned off of Ur Quan Masters because of the time limits. (which is odd, I love SR2 which … has a time limit. :\ ) I guess I didn’t play enough to realize what Star Control 2 really is.

    If everyone could take off their nostalgia glasses for a second…

    …its a choose your own adventure game. You talk to aliens and choose what you will do, and really it boils down to a few asteroids type mini-games or rock gathering. Not for me at all. Granted the same could be said of Mass Effect…. but I dunno. Its just not my type of space sim.

    Furthermore… the new SC Origins … is a bit… unbalanced? Its very odd in how it handles things. The developers specifically state that you need to talk to aliens to advance the story… but the only way to do this is grind endless planets for resources to afford gear, to beat the combat sections to talk to more aliens to get back to grinding. I dunno. Its not for me. Love the visual style however.

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