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    Hello commanders,
    Actually project is renamed due a name collision with another gaming mission !
    Please take on mind since end of 2016 game is renamed to “Outspace Game”, and can be found here:

    End of report

    This bundle expires on 12/20/2018

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    Hello commanders,
    Actually project is renamed due a name collision with another gaming mission !
    Please take on mind since end of 2016 game is renamed to “Outspace Game“, and can be found here:

    End of report

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    Yes we are still working on.




    I changed name to AD Astra, but there are enormous amount of tasks to be done to finnish gameplay on public domain servers. 

    This is the reason why I do not update website. I posting the progress primary on facebook page ..

    Sorry for that, Martin


    in reply to: Useful weapons ideas for Ship2Ship fight / dogfight #104733

    Best weapon will be (my opinion) drone equipped with laser, projectile gun and explosive.

    In a first, is highly maneuverable, it can change trajectory much easier as a entire ship. It is possible to loose it. It can defend yourself by anti rocket laser and it can use projectile gun like cannon on a short distance. At last it can work like a probe / mine / or destructive guided device.

    When gets optimal speed and direction, enemy cannot defend against it If is destroyed, debris still moving in the same direction and speed. Ship has only chance to detect it first, destroy it, and move away from trajectory. That needs to be done in a short time, before the ship is possible to move out from trajectory.


    BTW mirror is a good defence against a laser beam.

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    It would be recognised for the engine working, with heat signature. This technology was invented in a cold war. 

    distances are really big, rocket is too big. Rocket must be corrected during flight, target is moving. Trajectory time is about hours to impact for target. 

    Debris or small asteroids in fact are not in open space. Ships haven’t capacity to surf between debrises.

    Scanner for material have not been invented as i know. Only way is to burn that object and make a spectrometry.

    gauss rifle = yes, this is only projectile weapon we have in the game

    plasma weapons = pure sci-fi, plasma is state of matter, not a material. It must be extremely hot, which is not possible in space, where is a big entropy. 

    ion weapons = i don’t know if is it factically possible, maybe someone help?

    Particle-beam weapons = yes they are exactly used, for example navy laser gun. Its perfect device to eliminate enemy rockets.

    in reply to: Exospace Alpha version trailer #107188

    So a ship could, also, be using a jumpdrive system running at a speed of light or faster (after 150 years should be possible, theoretically)

    No,  it is the basic law, nothing can move faster than light. It is impossible to reach speed of light. Even light does not reach the speed of light.

    If you want to reach speed of light you need unlimited energy and your weight will be unlimited.

    Wormhole is shortcut in spacetime, that mean traveling in wormhole you are much more slower than light speed, but you can move in short time.

    There are many serious scientific studies behind it. Worm hole should be natural phenomenon like a blackhole, star, or vortex in the tub. But we are unable to detect it. In fact, there can be billions of microscopic wormholes around you, but they arise and expire so quickly and are so small that it will not record.


    We plan to make one exo-solar system around small black hole, but it will not be so interesting as it sounds. Only change is that in the center of system, you can see only dark, no starlight. If we want to put some heat and light to this system, blackhole (BH) must be a twin with any type of star. The size difference between star and BH must be abnormal.  That means you will see normal star anyway with normal planets. BH will be tiny and you detect it only by its gravity impact.

    For example if you want to see a BH with the same matter like Earth planet, you must shrink Earth to size of peanut. Yes! Peanut sized BH have the same gravity like Earth. It is possible to see black peanut from distance millions of miles? Not you cannot see peanut from distance of meters / feets.

    Pulsar / neutron star (pulsar is type of neutron star) (i think no one want’s to be near pulsar or neutron star 🙂


    Supernova Yes, there should be very interesting world near death star, like a Crab nebula. One big Rontgen field. Is not possible to do anything here, it will melt you to the soup. Electronics cannot work here. In 150 years we so hard discover any material for something like shield. For today in this radiation, you need to be 4km!! underground to be save.


    Quasar? In game we are only in Milky way galaxy. Exactly we don’t know what quasar is. It is too far, it is source of radiation and visible light. That is all fact we have. Astrophysicist predict that quasars are a death galaxies falling to the central supermassive black hole. But the distance is that enormous, light is so old, that they exactly don’t exist now.



    in reply to: Exospace Alpha version trailer #107186

    Hi McAule.


    Only fairtale technology used in game should be a wormhole. Small or bigger, it is not aginst the laws of physics.

    Game is situated in future about 150 years and we predict we can master a technology allows to create wormhole in spacetime, and we discovered that the wormholes are natural possible and exist in space such as other cellestial objects. In the game humans learn how to stabilise and use wormhole for travelling like a Trade winds first ships in the past. 


    (there is no other options how to reach other places in serious times).


    You are right about sound, there will be soud interpreted from your player character. That meany you can hear the sound, but only from ship interior or ship Satcom.


    At last,


    We hope that modern technology allow us to use universal devices which is not exist for now. We haven’t any universal ship for travel to Moon or other destinations.

    in reply to: Useful weapons ideas for Ship2Ship fight / dogfight #104730

    Yes, guided rockets for this distance are very easy to locate and easy to destroy or take under control. But basically guided rockets are drones.

    in reply to: Exospace Alpha version trailer #107184

    Hi thx, in all the work I forgot to update this. We will go to the playable alpha soon…

    in reply to: Useful weapons ideas for Ship2Ship fight / dogfight #104728

    Hi icsDrafe.

    After a lot of consultations with enthusiastic professionals, we are building all game elements on this rules:

    In the timeframe about several hours it is not possible dramatically change trajectory of standard space ships, that means some defensive maneuvers will be not possible (space propulsion is strong enaught now, but a crew have limited ability to survive G force).

    But a projectile weapons will not be effective, projectiles are to slow, in hours ship need only minimal change of trajectory nor if any, it is possible to  “strafe” and all projectiles will miss the ship. For effective hit of ship distant about 1000 km and more, you need speed of projectile about 100,000 km/sec and to have some mass for destruction power.

    That gun is not exist for now and physical limits of power and materials make that gun not possible to construct.

    It will be much more effective to send small intelligent drones to move closer to enemy with some kind of STEALTH technology making impossible to locate that drone. this drone can contain explosives or can even wait in the trajectory of enemy ship for collision. Will e much more destructive than any earth used projectile only by his mass.


    There is one physics fact. Drone can change speed and trajectory very effectively. But always need to be similar with attacked ship.


    That opens way to use known weapons.

    Lasers, will be very useful, but to defence / eliminate that drones on short distances.

    It can be used projectile weapons too (the same tactics as using navy ships on rockets now) because there is calculating only speed of drone vs speed of gun. 

    It is also possible to shot a projectiles and using laser to speed them  up and “driving” it on longer distance. Speed velocity can be much more faster than standard projectile accelerated only by explosion on start, and did not affect on ship trajectory. (only needs to contain any material which will be burned by laser, causing a propulsion) (it is air in this example)

    Actually we are using fight drones (in kamikaze style with explosives) to hit or to set minefield in area of enemy ship trajectory.

    Torpedoes, the very fast drone navigated to enemy ship directly.

    To defence:

    we using a very fast projectile guns and lasers.

    considering to magnetic railgun, but there will be the same problem as standard guns or cannons (so slow projectiles) navy actually testing railguns for the ships and projectile vector speed is about 7000m/s which is so slow and the gun is wery wry massive device with consumption of large energy amount.




    in reply to: Exospace Alpha version trailer #107182

    Hi, thx for positive reactions!


    Yes we decide one of basics limitations of our game approach. It is hard, but..

    We want to stay in real scifi-correct limits at all cost. That means a lot of limitations like:

    No aliens ..

    No gigantic aerodynamically shaped ships (why in space aerodynamic shape?)

    No artificial gravity (possible even in far future, there is not possible to create gravity, if we could do that, what will be reason to have ship propulsion engines, we can just create gravity before ship, and ship will start to fall forward … it is nonsense)

    No hull plating. (materiality is one most important factor in space ship construction, in affect maneuverability of ship, more weight means more fuel consumption for acceleration, rotation, deceleration, more fuel = more weight, that’s mean even more fuel etc..)

    Ship will not stop when the engine is powered down. It is not a car.

    Ship will don’t stop if breaks in to the pieces. Pieces will continue in the same direction and the same speed.

    No miracle technologies (healing, teleportation, beam devices etc..)


    And last, lights. Yes Space is very dark place. There is only one light source, our star. It is very hot, very bright light in one direction. That means shadow sides are almost total black. If you need look on ship from this side, you will need very strong light source… 

    Sounds boring?


    I hope it will be the first space sim as it should be in real. 


    Please message us with your opinion for this kind of space-sim. It is important for us.


    Thank You, Exospace Dev. Team

    in reply to: First sci-fi correct space-suit in the game #106780

    You should look at NASA development of the Z series space suit. Especially the feature of the hip bearings which give greater mobility on hostile surface.




    This is EVA suit for orbital work primary without devices (usable on non-atmospheric planets, like moons). On planet surfaces will be Z2 series with suitports.

    in reply to: New website with spacecraft catalog #106656



    we refuse to have something like races in the game. Only diversity, when you completing your ship or base is manufacturer. Like today, there a lot of different approaches to the problem. For example national agencies like NASA, ESA, ROSkosmos, and private like SpaceX, Bigalow Aerospace, Orbital ….. 

    Each manufacturer have own design and individual solution. This is what we trying to imitate.

    When you completing the ship, You can have only one brand, or mix it with a lot of different manufacturers. Like today on ISS.

    For the future we want players to have own manufacturers and create own designed modules in the open source community.

    in reply to: New visual for Exospace #106527

    Hi and thx. We are strive to use real visuals not only for 3D objects in gameplay, but for real light conditions on planets. That mean, on the Moon you cant see colors so much, because there is no atmosphere to create hemispheric diffuse lighting like on Earth. Sun have the white color (we see yellow or orange because of our atmosphere is blue ). This is the reason why everything on she sunside will be very shiny and blinding, opposite on the shadow will be a total dark. Only reason, why we can use our eyes on the moon is a sun filter in scafander helmet visor, and a fact that astronauts scafander is a shiny white and creating diffusive light source.

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