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A lot of scifi games are for sale on Humble Bundle, deals end on 8/19/2019

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    I don’t believe that Space Sim gaming is that unpopular, not with the gaming community anyway. . .

    I mean look at this place there are hundreds of active members giving feedback to indie devs on their projects. I know this thread was started to bash the mainstream publishers and I have to join in on that given what a certain publisher has done to my beloved JumpGate.

    Publishers are being told that games with a quick in and out, like FPS games are the road to making money. They’re not prepared to invest in an audience over a long term as the return will always diminish over time until there’s none at all. We now live in an age where games and the machines we play them on are disposable and easily replaced over a one or two year period. They look at the hardware, that’s still moving forward at a rate of knots and think, if we create a game for this platform how long before a newer platform makes the game obsolete ? What does really annoy me about the current games market is this push to create more and more console titles, forgetting the ever faithful PC gamer who once again will get the shitty end of the stick when it comes to releases, simply down to the fact that publishers can charge more for a console title than they can a PC game.

    Yes I know I’m ranting.

    The recent failures and closures in the PC market are a pointer to what’s to come –

    Jumpgate – Closed by the publisher after nearly 12 years of being online, no explanation, no remorse and very little communication with the player base.

    Star Wars Galaxies – Closed by the publisher after 8 years because they don’t believe there’s room for two Star Wars MMO’s in the market place.

    Black Prophecy – A game that’s been hung out to dry by it’s own publisher and community, there’s so much wrong with game that there’s very little chance of it ever being fixed.

    Jumpgate Evolution – Vapourware thanks to legal wrangles between publishers and disagreements over the game’s direction.

    Star Wars: The Old Republic – Treats the space aspect of this massive franchise as a mini game in a console title, it’s utterly pointless and very unrewarding.

    I’m just frustrated with the state of things.

    I’d like publishers to think about one simple fact – You can’t please all of the people all of the time but you can please some of them all of the time. So give us Space Sim Gamers a break and a game that pleases us and we’ll reward you with cash and loyalty. . . .

    A lot of scifi games are for sale on Humble Bundle, deals end on 8/19/2019

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    I’d love to see Star Lancer re-made into a full MMO.

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    Thanks for backing me up D1 and proving that it’s not just me. . .

    I don’t really want much from a game –

    1/ A persistant universe where the choices of mine and others characters have a real consequence on how the universe progresses.

    2/ Up to date visuals that look real without going into particle physics.

    3/ A Newtonian flight engine that encourages the use of inertia during combat and other flight activities.

    4/ Organised and enjoyable PvP.

    5/ An economy that works and grows with the game.

    6/ An initial storyline that helps the player to cement their character before letting them off the leash and allowing them to run riot.

    7/ Player driven content that encourages role play and the building of community.

    8/ A well funded and enthusiastic dev team that aren’t afraid to listen or speak out.

    9/ A learning curve that rewards the patient and persistant.

    10/ Huge battles that could include player owned and controlled capital ships/corvettes/escort carriers.

    I just want a game that reflects my involvement in it, no matter how great or small. To see your own capital ship being built, knowing that your hard work has gone into creating it would do for a start.

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    X Re-Birth looks to be the next move for EgoSoft. . . .

    I’m not sure why they’re trying to re-invent the wheel but from some of the forum posts I’ve read they’re looking to make the X series a little more ‘Approachable’. I have to admit that the learning curve on most X games is a steep one but well worth the effort, so I’m not sure why they’d want to dumb that down unless we’re moving towards a time when gamers want to just pick something up, have a blast for about 20 minutes and then put it down again . .

    My whole reason for getting involved with the X Universe was the holy grail of X Online Universe where the game would be played out over a live server with hundreds of other players, now if the changes being made for X Re-Birth allow for better net code and slimline the up and down streams for an online universe then I’m all for it but if, as I suspect it’s just window dressing then the next X game will be a the same as all the others.

    Time will tell.



    ME3 – Played a bit of that today.

    Star Wars: The Old Republic – Logged in just to grab some gear.

    X3 TC – Picked this up on Steam recently at a reasonable price, always loved the X Universe.

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    It was indeed a very sad day when the JGC server was shut down.

    JGC was the only game that managed to keep my attention for more than a few years, it seems most of the games I had affection for have either been superceeded by less playable games or just wiped off the face of the net.

    There is a glimer of hope for JGC fans in the form of Squad Wars. I haven’t seen any posts for this around so I thought I’d link it here. Squad Wars is being developed by END Games the company created by Scott Brown former CEO of NedDevil.

    Goodbye JGC and thanks for all the good times.

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    Although many from JG (JC) would tell you otherwise the two are linked.

    I have no ‘Official’ information but I’d guess that the law suit against Gazillion from Code Masters has a great deal to do with them not being able to do a deal with community for JG (JC). So indirectly ND’s and Gazillion’s inability to deliver JGE has killed off JG (JC) and made JGE impossible to make/sell in the future.

    I haven’t visited the JGE forums in a very long time and have no idea on the state of the game or the community, once the issues with Code Masters were released I walked away from JGE and vowed never to play it after way EU members had been treated. So I doubt anyone, other than Scott Brown or Istvan could convince many JG players and former JGE community members to play another game with the word Jumpgate in the title.

    It’s sad how things have turned out and it feels like Gazillion have left players like me with no alternative.

    in reply to: Jumpgate #77809

    As some of you may know the future of Jumpgate has been under a cloud of late. There were a number of options being explored to keep the game and the community together.

    Today Anguish has posted an update on the situation and it isn’t looking positive –

    Folks, I promised you that I’d share with you when and as I had information. I promised that Soon ™ wouldn’t apply and we wouldn’t drag things out.

    Things are not going well. While a last-ditch effort is not impossible, the odds of successful transfer of control/ownership/operation of Jumpgate into the community are now significantly reduced from where they were last week.

    I can’t get into specifics as to the why of this. I am simply taking this moment to relate to you that as we understand things, the future is… likely dim.

    The the servers go dark, you’ll know why.

    By all means, use the Facebook group or whatever to stay in touch as we’re not down to zero options yet, but we’re close. Should things change, I’ll let you know.

    Until the true end, folks… it’s been a pleasure.

    For the full story please visit the JG forums.

    in reply to: NetDevil Layoffs #78202

    While I have no firm information there are on going negotiations in regard to the future of Jumpgate and hopfully something positive can be salvaged from the current situation.

    I along with many other members of the playing community still fully support the game and will continue to pay our monthly sub to keep the game alive.

    I don’t officially represent the community but on their behalf I would like to thank you D1 for your offer and support both are very much appreciated.

    in reply to: Jumpgate #77808

    All I can say to you BrianRubin is that your support would be very welcome.

    For anyone that hasn’t tried Jumpgate I will say that you have no idea what you’re missing. Ok it looks 10 years old and has some minor issues with the learning curve for new players and a few ‘Features’ that Istvan is working his way through.

    The only other thing that might put off any new players is the community, we’re a pretty tight bunch and from the outside I guess it can seem a bit like ‘An Old Boys Network’ but that’s what makes the JG community special.

    We’re all working to make our community bigger and I feel there are times that some of us need to hear an outside perspective, if only to prompt us to take another look at what we take for granted. In short JG is well worth your effort, time and money but as with everything, you only get out what you put in.

    in reply to: It’s been far too long #77751

    Thank you for your replies,

    I’m not sure how many times I’ve posted this and I’m begining to sound like a broken record,(how us old folks used to listen to music before CD’s). The future of JG my not be certain but my support for you, Istvan and the wider community is assured.

    I’ve up-dated our Squad website to help in the promotion of JG, it’s not much but if just one player see’s it and decides to give the game a/another go it will have been worth it.

    in reply to: Jumpgate #77799

    Seeing as all the JG vets are stalking on here, I might aswell join in.

    I’ve posted it on here before but ND should have stuck with the idea of updating JG rather than trying to re-create the perfect space sim again. Games like music can be timeless or very much of their time, who will be playing CoD4 in five or ten years time for example ? JG is timeless and has endured where other ‘Prettier’ games have failed and fallen by the wayside.

    Don’t get me wrong JG has it’s fair share of issues and as an MMO the graphics are showing their age but the engine and the game play are still as fresh and sharp as they were 10 years ago.

    JG might not be for everyone and yes it is one of those games that players drift away from but 9 times out of ten they’ll return.

    in reply to: It’s been far too long #77749

    I have nothing official to suggest that JGE will never be completed and released but given Gazillion’s current legal situation and the recent departure of Scott Brown from NetDevil many have lost faith and interest in everything to do with Evolution.

    While Scott wasn’t the only person working on Evolution it was his drive and imagination that brought us the original game and inspired the creation of the evloved product. To put it simply without Scott Brown any game with Jumpgate in the title just wouldn’t be Jumpgate.

    There is also the fall out from the legal wrangling between NetDevil and various publishers, such as Code Masters where sections of the community weren’t kept up to date on the game and quite rightly feel like they were ignored and treated pretty harshly.

    Whatever momentum or good will JGE had, especially in Europe has been wiped away and replaced with mistrust and in extreme cases players refusing to have anything further to do with NetDevil as a company. This has also affected Jumpgate (Classic) as those that felt storngly enough have cancelled any subscriptions they had for the game and reduced the online numbers even more.

    in reply to: Jumpgate: TRI getting some more attention #69587

    First of all allow me to apologise for my extended absence, my life has been a little hectic of late.

    So Jumpgate is getting some much needed attention, this is great news for those of us that still enjoy the game. While we don’t expect miracles the community is optimistic for the future of the game and enthused with possibilities.

    I have made a simple suggestion that the players and squads from around Europe and indeed the world start planning to co-ordinate their efforts in re-building the population, once the niggles and other game play issues have been dealt with by Istvan and the test team. There are exciting and trying times ahead for Jumpgate but the game has survived the last 10 years and perhaps together we can help shape the game for the next 10.

    If you currently have an active Jumpgate account I urge you to get involved with this project via the Jumpgate forums –

    in reply to: Cruel Regiment looking for more. #68441

    Hey Dvalon,

    Glad you found this place, in your position I’d have added the advert to my hello thread but I’m sure you won’t have offended the admin around here.

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