Passing Jupiter preview

Passing Jupiter (working title) by blackgobygames is an interesting indie effort currently under development. The game is a point and click sci-fi adventure that sees the player awake from stasis due to the ship colliding with an escape pod. Actually, it’s a bit more complicated than that, this pod hasn’t merely collided with the ship, […]

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XO: The Game

Inspired by Battlestar Galactica and FTL, XO is a ”fleet building adventure blending real-time strategy with pause, political intrigue and a relentless drive to survive”. Brought to you by Jumpdrive Studios, an indie outfit out of Portland Oregon, XO is currently in early access at steam. The premise is… well somewhat un-original, you take command […]

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Tharsis review

An anonymous quote states “They couldn’t find the artist, so they hung the picture”… and I find myself wondering if it is possible to hang a game. If it is, then Tharsis by Choice Provisions would make an excellent candidate for that hanging. As a spaceship/survival game, Tharsis is all over the place. There are […]

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