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George Thornton has given us a great sequel to Space Chunks in Space Chunks II: Lair of the Chunk Lords. Space Chunk II has similar mechanics as in the first game in the series but with improved sound fx, graphics, ship upgrades, wingmen, friendly forces, new enemies and bosses and a global scoreboard. Space Chunks II has some great and challenging action. The game is still in beta (v0.99) but getting close to the final v1.0 release.
Thoughts on gameplay:

  • Overall the game is very easy to figure out and understand with the visual queues like the mission objectives and the different systems (hull, shields, missiles, rank,etc..). You will acquire power-ups when you destroy objectives and this will build the strength of your ship.
  • I like the promotion system and the ability to spend points on some passive skills that make your ship more formatible in combat.
  • The boss battles are fun and challenging.
  • Nice job on the debris, missile trails and explosions they look nice when multiple things are being destroyed.
  • In the future would be nice to have the ability to change actual ship components or actual ships.
  • Unless I missed it. It would be nice to have a little background story to the game.
  • Would be nice to be able to give wingmen orders or least set there aggression levels.
  • With the additon of the abilities/skill system, it would be nice to have a ships stats page to actually show you (for the people that like numbers/stats) when adding a skill or ability what is the actual change in value (ie: 10% increase in gun distance is equal to 550m)
  • The global scoreboard is a nice touch

Checkout some of the gameplay in this video:

Make sure you download both games (SpaceChunks and Space Chunks II) and have fun playing them and make sure you leave some feedback on the Space Chunk games here: Add Link

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