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I just finished up watching the CBS TV show Jericho and all I have to say is that, yet again the TV executives made a bad choice on cancelling this show back in 2008. Jericho first season was in 2006 and was cancelled after the first season because of low ratings. But a out cry of public support brought the show back in 2008 which was a short season two, but the 8 episodes wrapped up the show for the most part. But it did leave it open for more in my opinion. Only bad thing is that it has been almost four years since Jericho was cancelled and the odds of getting a full cast back together would be difficult. But there is some home, writers and producers are kicking around a movie sequel to Jericho based on the comic book ‘season three’ if the comic sells well they will know there is some interest and we just might see it some day.

So what is Jericho about? I will try not to give too much away but the United States is hit by several nuclear terrorist attacks and the story unfolds on how the town of Jericho copes with this as food shortages, no power, rival towns and inner turmoil takes hold. The story is a good one because it tries to show how decent people would probably slowly evolve or act in this type of stressful environment and I think they did a decent job in bringing it to the screen. There is a nice underlying conspiracy story to Jericho and I will not go into that because that is the good stuff.

Currently if you have Netflix streaming you can watch all of the episodes and I highly recommend that you do. I didn’t know about Jericho until someone mentioned it in the forums so I gave it a watch and was glad I did. Only bad thing is that I want more and I hope one day we will see Jericho again.

Now I have to go find this Season 3 – Civil War Comic series and read it. If you have seen Jericho and or just started watching would like to know what you thought of the show?

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