Salvation Prophecy Review


I have been watching Salvation Prophecy’s progress for a while now and it is nice to see that Firedance Games has finally brought this great game to the masses for everyone to enjoy. Salvation Prophecy has game play similarities to games like Parkan II and Precursors but with a small twist, there is some strategy components to the game that gives it that added extra layer of game play that you will enjoy. But that is really where the likenesses stop, because Salvation Prophecy is a great game in the sense that it has taken good in various space combat and strategy games of the past and put them into one game. The one thing that I liked about having all of these different game styles in one package is that Firedance Games managed to keep the game pace moving throughout, you never felt like there was a boring time in the game.

So what is the game about?
In Salvation Prophecy there is a war going on against four different factions (Salvation, Free Nations, Drone Unity and the Wyr). All of these races fight over supremacy of the galactic resources which are the planets in the systems. The player battles for position by engaging in both space and ground battles. These battles will reward you with medals and credits you can spend on person equipment, ship components and fleet/output assets. In the later ranks in the game you will get the opportunity to become a faction commander and then you will have the ability to choose what/where your next engagement will be. During this time you will also have visions and access uncharted worm holes which will lead you to places where you could attain powerful artifacts that will help you in the fight.

Now to the Pros/Cons of Salvation Prophecy.


  • FPS, Space Combat, Bounty Hunting and Strategy (battle/war management) in one game. How can you not like that.
  • Conflict progression against the races are displayed in subtle ways in status boards on the stations and in battle updates live as they happen
  • The artist for Salvation Prophecy was kept busy creating some very different planet surfaces for the outpost battles. The graphics are not high end quality, but they are believable landscapes and not too much is over used from areas to area.
  • Ship and station combat is fun (really engaging on harder difficulty levels) and the effects are all the way around from engines trails to explosions to the spacescapes.
  • The game concept itself, not original, but it was done well. Playing one of four races all with there strengths and weaknesses.


  • I noticed during my gameplay that on occasion I will see laser blasts or npc movements will sometimes ignore solid objects like rocks and will go through them.
  • As you progress through the ranks you will become a in which you are a commander of all the forces. I think you should be given the respect that is do to you. I think station communications should address your rank properly. Anything that can be done to show that the rank you have attained is important.
  • I would have liked the ability to stage a station and a outpost battle at the same time, so I could onslaught a whole planet with my forces.
  • I would have liked the ability to outfit my 20 soldiers with what I could afford for weapons and shielding. That and it would have been nice for you soldiers to visibly change to show promotions/ranks or battle wounds as the game progresses.
  • Need more of the small things like; medical bay for the wounded, see mechanics working on ships and other station maintenance, soldier barracks and officer quarters


After looking at my Pros/Cons. I don’t think there is really anything glaringly bad about Salvation Prophecy and it has been one of the best bug (no crashes) free games I have played recently. Most of my Cons I pointed out are really just suggestions to make the game even better. I think the biggest selling point of Salvation Prophecy is the audience it can please, with having game play elements in strategy, space combat and first person mode you are not locked into a certain play style and you don’t get bored either. I lost track of time while playing this game because the jump between space battles, ground battles and strategy elements are just about perfect. With all of that I give Salvation Prophecy a grade of 92%.

Salvation Prophecy is available on GamersGate and Steam. I’m not sure what Firedance Games has in store for a sequel or expanding on to the current game universe. I do hope it does well enough for this to happen and I am sure once you try the game you will know why it is doing well in the player rankings. Jabberwocky is the creator and lead developer and frequently chats with the SSC community over the past several years and he has been very engaging and willing to respond to all comments from the SSC members.

Checkout the latest Salvation Prophecy trailer below:

Not sure if you want to buy the game just yet…. play the demo.

If you have any questions or comments on the game make sure you leave them here on this article or in the forums.

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