Deep Sky Derelicts Review


I have played this game for about 60hrs and I have about 81% of the steam achievements (the rest seem to received if I complete the game again in hardcore mode).

This isn’t a story rich game at all and the quest dialogs (mainly for the side quests) are entertaining. But basically you are trying to find clues to the location of the mothership that is threatening the solar system. So your tough band of derelict divers start searching through various ships looking for these pieces of information that you find in the ship terminals.

This is a card/gear based strategy style of games where combat is turn-based and the gear/skills you choose impact the cards you have available to use during combat. So as you can imagine you can create all sorts of builds. I had a Bruiser class character that I had in the Arena that was just onstoppable sometimes destroying all enemies in one move. So the combat is satisfying and very challenging at times. Remember to save on occasion (auto save happens when you return to your base) when your on a derelict because if you mess up you don’t loose a bunch of progress.

The challenge and the combat and how you can design your team is what really brought me coming back to the game. I had a nice time with the game and recently in Dec, the developers released some new DLC. Not sure if I will pick this up since I have so many other games I need to start playing.

I would recommend giving this game a try, especially when its on sale because then you can get it and all of the DLC really cheap now. I didn’t come across any real issues when playing the game, people with ultra wide monitors may want to play this in windowed mode because you could sometimes have issues during conversations with the text options at the bottom of the screen.

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