Morningstar: Descent to Deadrock Review

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I didn’t know much about Morningstar: Descent to Deadrock until I picked it up in a bundle that I bought online. It is a point-n-click style of game where you find items that help you progress through a story.

The Morningstar crashes on Deadrock a desolate planet that no one has ever returned from, you and your captain need to try to figure out how to get off the planet and back into space. This is where your adventure starts you will need to explore and solve some small puzzles with the items you find in your exploration.

There is a decent story to this short game, and I will say its short since i completed it in about 3-4hrs. But it was entertaining because I did it all in one session so it definitely kept me playing. The whole environment and puzzles were sci-fi related so fans of science fiction should enjoy the story.

I will not say much more about the story so I won’t give it away.


  • Some of the puzzles had me thinking
  • The scenes were drawn well
  • Story kept my interest


  • Short story, took me about 3hrs to complete the game and it really doesn’t have replayability.
  • Some of the inventory items you don’t really use or at times you are doing a lot of combining to figure out something is supposed to interact with them
  • I thought it would have been nice to work through more repairs on the ship because I doubt they could make it home in its situation 😉

Overall it was a fun but short experience with Morningstar: Descent to Deadrock. I would suggest picking this up in a bundle or on sale only because of the play-time is really short.


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