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3030 Deathwar

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Great news to see the game return will you be adding any more station background to the game?.

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Nice "comeback". Love SpaceSims from the Hauptstadt ...

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The next release of 3030 Deathwar is now called v1.1, and it's going to launch tomorrow!


Announcement Post on Facebook:


Matt and I have been collaborating on this new version, and we're very happy with the results.


Version 1.1 boasts a complete overhaul of the tutorial, it has massive balance changes and tons of other improvements!


The launch is going to be tomorrow at noon!

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Nice and congrats, the download area doesn't support pay what you want. But if you want to charge a small fee for 3030DW then upload the file and go ahead, up to you.


Do you want me to rename the current 3030DW file in the download area because it might cause confusion for some folks? And I will redo the first post in this thread or you can make an official DW 1.1 post, this way it gets posted to the main page.

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