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Initial thoughts on AoA gameplay and design

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Was able to play for a little bit this past Saturday on AoA and I was actually quite impressed with WebGL, wow didn't know you can create a full fledged game in a browser with basically no load time. I went to the webpage and I think within 3-5s I had the game running and I was in the cockpit. The graphics are good/great for a non-client based game and I was avg 40-50 fps during my gameplay. So hats off to the development team for showing people that you can make a great web based game, didn't try to play this on my android tablet, maybe it could have worked since I can have chrome on it?


Pros/Cons on combat:



- It's actually pretty smooth gameplay

- Gfx are good, and yes i know we can't have E:D and SC style graphics because of the bandwidth. So people have to understand the assets can only be so detailed and still be playable over the web browser.

- You get assisted kills and you have achievements depending on kill streaks

- Nice overview of the action you were in when you do get killed



- No collision damage, adds that extra strategy factor

- Unless I missed it, would be nice to have auto-target the nearest fighter enabled by default

- The effective range of the weapons should be reduced on a fighter

- Spawn points are sometimes far away from the action, it took me almost 1-2mins to get to the fight



For an alpha and showing off the tech behind WebGL its looking really good and can't wait to see what 2015 will bring. Do you happen to know when AoA will be increasing the length of the alpha test phases to maybe last 24hrs or something like that. I know I have missed the past two weeks myself? But I know servers and bandwidth cost money. 🙂