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Avorion on SpaceSimCentral

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Hello everybody, we got our own awesome subforum on SpaceSimCentral!




Let me use this post to quickly introduce me, Philipp, Avorion and what it's all about.




Avorion is a procedural space sandbox where ships, stations, asteroids and everything else is made of blocks of arbitrary sizes. We wanted something different than the standard voxel look, so here we go.


Ships and stations are either generated by the game or built by players. Avorion focuses more on experiencing things while flying your ships, and less on building. We want to put our focus on exploring, flying, combat, questing, looting, trading and the like. Avorion supports co-op multiplayer and day 1 mod support. We want to make a game that we ourselves would enjoy, so there will be no f2p, microtransactions or anything similar. You buy the game once, you get the full package, no hidden costs. 




The game started out with an idea of mine where I wanted a space game that would allow ships to break apart at the points where you hit them. Everybody knows this situation: You shoot the large carrier and the it explodes always the same way and never at the point where you actually shot it. I was annoyed at that and decided to make a game where destruction of ships would be totally dynamic. In order to be able to stem the work that would be necessary to create a game of such large scale, I decided to procedurally generate the content of Avorion.




The game got greenlit in 9 days in December 2015 and motivated by its success over there I decided to develop the game full time once I'm done with my degree. Which is now. I asked an old university buddy (Philipp aka Qui_Sum) for help, and now we'll be developing the game together.












What's Avorion about?


We want to give players the freedom to play in any way they want. It's a sandbox, so we think you should be able to play in as many ways as you want. For example you don't have to fight all the time if you don't want to. 


    • Be a mercenary: Fight for coin or hunt down pirates who attack convoys. 10 (and counting) different turret types can be used to equip your ship. 


    • Be a merchant: Avorion features a trading system with over 100 (and counting) trading goods and factories that use those goods to produce new ones. Found factories that attract NPC traders that will sell and buy.


    • Be a miner: Use powerful mining lasers to gather resources from asteroids and sell them. Find asteroids containing materials or other valuable goods like noble metals and found mines. 


    • Be a pirate: Raid helpless freighters, steal their cargo or smuggle cargo. Enter other ships and steal them or even start wars with entire other factions.


    • Be a scavenger: Find old wreckages or smuggler's stashes and loot them for valuable resources, upgrades or turrets.


    • Be an explorer: Equip your ship with a strong hyperspace drive, fly through wormholes and find new territories. Don't want to found a mine on an asteroid? You could just sell it for a profitable price to the nearest faction. Or give it to someone for free to improve your relations to them. 


    • Be a captain: Build and manage your own ship. While building is relatively easy and less micro-intensive as in other ship building games, you will still have to place blocks in a smart way to successfully build large ships. Resources like crews and energy will have to be managed as well. Finally you equip your ship with turrets, cargo bays and system upgrades that will give you the edge over your enemies (or friends).


    • Be an admiral: Nothing stops you from building more than one ship. Actually you can build as many ships as you want (well, at some point your PC might complain, but hey, there's no other limits)! Or equip your ships with Hangars that will store squadrons of fighters.








Most importantly: Most of these features are already implemented. The game has been in development for over 4 years prior to all this, I started dev'ing the game as a hobby alongside my studies of computer science.




Condering the already present features: I started doing a series on youtube where I present and explain various features of the game. I will post these updates here as well.




What's still to come: 


    • More dynamic events happening in the galaxy, such as freighters calling for help or pirate attacks


    • An arcade-like story leading the players to the center of the galaxy (we don't want to make the story too restrictive, it's a sandbox after all, think of something similar to terraria's story)


    • Boss fights


    • More of everything. More weapons, more gameplay, more things to do. Basically make the game more alive than it is now.


We also have a kickstarter going right now, so if you like the game, please help support us, so we can develop it full time until the Early Access Release (Avorion got greenlit in December, yay)!




Should the kickstarter not get funded, then we will still continue developing the game as it has grown very dear to us and we have no intention of throwing all this away. But we can't promise anything considering the schedule, and most likely we will have to work other jobs to support us until then, so we won't be able to make it our top priority.




You can get the demo on the official website of the game.




I hope you guys will enjoy the game as much as we do, and hopefully we'll see each other ingame!






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Avorion is celebrating selling over 250,000 copies since entering early access back in 2017 👍 🍻 

Congrats, I have yet to buy a copy personally since I was waiting to see the game develop more than when I first looked at it like 3 yrs ago now, but after reading over the various patch notes on Steam you can tell a lot of work has been put into this game and its now in beta. It supports all of the different play types (SP, MP, Online MP, COOP, Online COOP) nice and my son has been getting more into space games too so this definitely might be a buy for us because it has combat and building aspects my son likes.

Keep it coming the goal is close Koonschi



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Looks like Avorion has finally officially released on steam: its definitely been a while almost 3+ yrs since early access.

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Looks like some community servers have now launched for people to play together on

We are happy to share good news with you today! Our official Community Servers are now assigned, and you can already explore the galaxy together with other players! The verified servers are clearly marked with a blue checkmark and are accessible to everyone without a password. The servers are provided free of charge in cooperation with 4NetPlayers and are managed by selected administrators.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the numerous applications! Unfortunately, we could not assign a server to everyone, so some applications are still on the waiting list if a server becomes available again in the future.
We will continue to work closely with both 4NetPlayers and the server administrators to ensure that you get the best performance from the servers.