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I use app personally on a daily basis and its great and takes the stress out of learning crypto and the crypto debit cards are great, ask me anything on this. I will probably make a thread discussing crypto soon. REFERRAL CODE = p5mu64hcq4

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I suspect this may steal some of your thunder when launched -

Great visual at the end though - really awe inspiring.

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I have had an idea like this since I got into the first Anno.

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When announced at e3 I had the same thought, however they went onto explain that you will first start on earth and progress to the moon, so I am not sure how it will work, maybe 1 map on the moon? I feel confident enough that the 2 games are dissimilar enough to each other, time will tell though, it may work to my advantage wetting peoples appetite to this kind of game that may not of been interested in it before