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War Space: The Contact Wars

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Project Name: War Space: The Contact Wars

Project Status: ACTIVE Development

Max Player Count: 64 Players


War Space is a Science Fiction Series that focuses on both Space and Ground combat. In Contact war you have access to Both Space and Ground Combat as well as a multitude of unlocks for both. The Campaign will focus (as the title suggests) on the Contact Wars between the first alien Species that man kind encounters. The Game View is a Top Down view similar to Valves Alien Swarm or the Commandos game series. The Game will also feature a fog of war that will block line of sight of soldiers for a certain radius.

In Conclusion -

I hope that you enjoy the progress that I make on this game. 🙂

Please Check out the youtube page for updates on the game.

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Thanks Benjamin on the game announcement on War Space. Is there a blog/website up for War Space?