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Why is it so difficult to create a account for Elite Dangerous

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Well as I talked about earlier I was going to give ED a spin starting on the Christmas break and as promised I downloaded it from steam and I was prompted to create a Frontier account from the launcher and I never get the email 🙄 so here I sit, and wait for a email that will probably never come. This process is just stupid, they already have my Steam ID let me in already. 

Then I file a support ticket and get this:


This is an auto-reply letting you know that Frontier Customer Support have received your support ticket REF: (31206) and it will be reviewed by our Customer Support team. They will be in touch with you in the near future to assist further.

For the period 19/11/2020 - 25/11/2020, we are anticipating higher than normal ticket volumes (due to our launch on the Epic Games store), and may not have capacity to answer your ticket until this period has ended.

To add additional comments or messages, please reply to this email.

Just a hint Frontier Developments.... its December now update your message 😉 still two days and no response. They should definitely change this registration aspect of their game. Because it has been four days now since I tried creating a account and still nothing and I cannot play a game I bought because of their inaction.

Ugh.... I will remember this FD 😉

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I cannot play a game I bought because of their inaction. Ugh.... I will remember this FD

You think that's tough? You should've tried getting a refund out of the coños six years ago. Despicable behaviour by FD - something I will never forgive them for! Six years is how long it's been since I last logged into the game (or the ED forum, for that matter). I'd probably find my account has been deactivated, and I'd have to jump through hoops of flame in order to get it reactivated. Rant over - sorry, D1.

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