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Hey man, if you don't mind I'll use this thread for questions regarding missions.


Ok so I just downgraded from Windows 8 to Windows 7 to be able to play this game 🙂 Now I'm at mission #3, inside the frigate, just after arriving on the bridge and taking command of the ship some aliens spawn and I'm told to take control of the ship's turret but where is the control hub for those ? Is it still on the bridge or in another room cause I can't find other rooms with controls in them. And the bridge is so pitch-dark that I can barely navigate through it. I tried shooting the aliens while controlling the frigate from "cockpit-mode" but after 10 minutes of shooting and after killing 2 of them those aliens destroy me. So I'm just wondering, where is the control hub/spot for turret view, if that's what I'm supposed to use to complete this mission.

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The turrets are all the way at the back of the ship. Not the best spot, but we didn't know that would be the mission till later on.


You really installed a new OS just to play Ensign-1? I hope it's worth it!


Also 'F' for your flashlight.