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Apocrypha 1.5 in testing on Singularity server

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Yep, the summer patch known as Apocrypha 1.5 will soon be unleashed to Tranquility, and after a bit of testing on the Singularity server I'll just sum it up in two words: sized rigs. As it is right now rigging something small and fragile like a frigate is seen as a crazy waste of ISK because these ships die too easily, but with the rigs eventually coming in small, medium and large sizes means that much less ressources will be used for the small ones, making them much more affordable and therefore viable. In the Tech 2 ships like interceptors and assault frigates they will even become the norm, if not mandatory. I've seen a Jaguar AF just eat up one of my Vagabonds (good thing it's about 2000 ISK on Sisi), and after a quick chat with its owner I tried this Jaguar on an unsuspecting Wolf and cut through him in hot knife/butter fashion.

The patch notes aren't up yet but it shouldn't be too long....