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Fairspace april 28th Update

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Fairspace has been updated today :-


small corrections to the recent race updates.

New skyboxes arround the univers.

Ship turn rates amended across the board.

Small soundfx fix for engines.

Allways allow at least 3 missions at each location.

more work on autoupdate system.

Equipment and Ship screen now show property graphs to show how good the property is compared to others of the same class.


If your autoupdater doesnt automaticly update the game then please download and re-install but please let me know so that I can correct the issue.


Due to the change in the skybox system I may be pushing some graphics cards to the limit, If you have problems then please let me know and I will do my best to address the issues.


Comming soon.


Database search screen to help you research and discover the best ships and equipment.

Combine Quest and jobs onto same screen ( remove anoying quest requests ).

More hightech equipment, Only available through quests or high end missions.