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Fairspace Can you help

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There are some aspects of fairspace that I want to improve that I don't have the skills for :-

Docking Bay - I would like a better looking docking bay that the ones I have, I can support normal maps, Reflection maps and lighting maps, I would prefer if there were something like 8 different hangars with 8 different textures where each were interchangeable, giving 64 variations, I would also add detail texturing and outside rendering ( if the hangar was open ).


Voice Work - I would provide a script and you would return the wav files, These would be used for basic interface ( female voice ) and mission management ( male voice ).


Voice work Alien - similar to above but alien sounding voices and only used in combat, taunts etc.


General Sound FX for guns torps and missiles.


I will of course credit anyone willing to help.