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Fairspace FAQ.

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I will add these hints into the game tooltips section as well as the website, Are there any other areas you think I should cover ?







 The first thing you should do is undock and dock again. You can do this either from the icon bar or by pressing the default F1 key.  Once in space you should fly and turn back to the planet, Click it and then press F1 again, This should dock you back.  Your ship must be pointing in the general direction of the dock location or you will be told to correct your angle of approach.

 When in space the 'space bar' will switch between flight mode and interface mode. 

 Interface mode allows you to click on the icon bars at the top and the panels on the left and right side of the screen, Flight mode allows you to fly your ship and shoot stuff.



 Thrust, pressing the thrust key gives you a temporary boost and is ideal in combat to wither catch-up with or escape from other ships.  Your thrust will reduce your available power and will stop working when no spare power is available.  You can improve the performance of your thrusters by changing and upgrading the equipment on your ship.

 Warp,  Pressing the warp key spins up your warp drive and begins accelerating you towards your maximum speed,  Your core must be fully charged before warp drive is available.  Whilst at warp you can fly wherever you want, However you are unable to shoot or engage with targets.  Pressing the warp key again will bring you out of warp and you will begin to slow down.  You should probably use your Emergency stop key if you are approaching a planet otherwise you are likely to smash straight into it.  Warp speed Is reduced when in debris fields.

 Hyperspace,  firstly you need to select a hyperspace target by clicking on your map, This can be anywhere in the universe.   Hyperspace will move you towards your destination at maximum distance it is capable of doing, You may have to do several hyper jumps before reaching your desired destination.  Your core must be fully charged before you begin hyper jumping and is used up during the jump.



 Once you have mastered travelling you can use the map along with the list view to expand your knowledge of the universe.  As you travel around your scanners will pickup distant objects, at first these will be Unknown, Once you are close enough your scanners will be able to identify the object as a planet or space station.  You gain XP for each new object you scan, identify and then dock at.  Items docket at will show with a star in the list view and will show you the commodity prices in the detail view.



 Your ships is equipped with a tractor beam, This can be used to pull in any nearby loot.  Consumables can then be sold at the next docket base and equipment can be sold , attached to your ship or stored in your locker for later use.

 You can improve your tractor beam by using the tech slots on your ship, various improvements can be made. Either increasing the range or number of tractor beams.

 In flight the lower left panel has a cargo icon on its bar. You can switch to cargo view by clicking it, It also pulses when cargo is visible.  You can either select individual pieces of cargo or Press your tractor beam to pick the closest.  Item in range are shown in green.  You can drop cargo into space that you dont want by either using the cargo view on the right panel or bringing up your cargo view on the top icon bar.

  You can also drop cash into space by using the cargo icon on the top menu bar,  This is the primary trading method with other players and is a trust based system,  Only trade with players you trust.



 When is space you can select ships using the right hand panel, you can then select the (I) information icon, this will show the load out and cargo of the selected ship.  This can be used as an aid to target the ships with the best cargo.

 The chance of loot drops reduce if the ship your fighting is of a lower level than you, Alternatively the chance increases with higher level ships.

 Loot that is dropped in space belongs to anyone who picks it up, no one has a claim on loot.



 Trade ships can be setup as miners. You need to attach a mining laser from the equipment screen.  When travelling through any debris field press the fire button and any nearby mineral deposits are locked on and released, you can the tractor in with your tractor beam.

 It is beneficial to have multiple mining lasers and multiple tractor beams for the most efficient mining experience.  Increasing your tractor beam range will save you from having to travel to the minerals

 Different debris fields have different valued consumables. The most valuable consumables are to be found in the sun coronas.  However you will need to figure out how to stay alive in them.




 To trade with other players you need to discuss terms, Agree a rendezvous location in space and them meet up.  Once you are in tractor range of each other you should drop your equipment / cash in space and then use your tractor bean to take the agreed goods / cash.

 This is a trust based system, there is nothing stopping someone either ripping you off or some other ship swooping in and killing you both and stealing everything.  You should only trade with people you believe you can trust.

 To drop cash in space bring up your cargo contents screen on the top icon bar, next to your credits there is a bin icon, clicking this allows you to select how much you want to drop into space.


Configuring Your Ship


 Your ship has many hard points that can be upgraded with various other equipment to improve its performance. For example, each ship has a shield slot, as you travel around from planet to planet you can compare the shields available and choose to change your shield with another, You can put your current one in the cargo hold temporarily whilst you try out your new one.  Or you can put it into storage.

 If you are flying a level 10 ship you can only buy up to level 10 equipment even if you are at a level 50 plant.  To get higher than your ship level equipment you either need to loot derelict ships, Fight higher level ships or seek to trade with a higher level player.

 When overloading your ship with higher level items you should make sure you do your power unit first otherwise you may compromise your ability to generate your shields or shoot opponents.



 When you die in space you will loose a portion of your cargo that you are carrying,  You can go back and retrieve it from where you died, As long as no one else has picked it up.  Your last death point is shown as a red X on the map.

 Players who quit during combat with other players will be punished in other unspecified ways.

 When you die you are transported back to the last place that you docked.



 You can have more than one ship in the universe; Each ship has its own independent allegiances with other races.  When you buy a new ship your current allegiance is inherited to this new ship but immediately start its own journey as you take missions and fight the various races.  Only the ship you are flying is effected by the missions and fighting that you do.  This allows you to have a ship friendly with pirates and another ship friendly with police.  You can transfer equipment between ships by using the locker system.

 Whenever you kill a member of a race your enemy gauge will increase and your friend gauge with there enemies will increase.  You will now be allowed to dock at locations that you are not friends with.


Space Stations

Once you can afford a space station and have reached a suitable level to buy one you will need to fly it correctly.  To fly a space station it is best to use the Freeview mode, Stations are loaded with laser based weapons, the damage on these weapons depend on distance, closer ships are easier to kill.  You are however vulnerable to attack from torpedoes which can be fired from outside your defence zone.  You have 8 firing slots available so mix your weapons up rather than loading all of the same.

(it is intended to allow fighters to dock with stations to create larger scale battles, once we have enough players)