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Fairspace Update 151 lhc.

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Hi Everyone,

Update 151 - L.H.C., This is not an optional update, you will not be allowed to connect to the server if you haven't

applied this update.  This update covers mostly weapon graphics which I see as a major improvement in the look

and feel of combat.

As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the forum either here or

on steam


Missile/Torp scale and rendering.

Missile/Torp tail colour interpolation.

Small soundfx modifications.

Projectiles, complete redo of all rendering and effects surrounding projectile weapons.

Tweaks to the billboard shader system.

Cargo holds have been amended Both the base sizes and the tech units for increasing them.

This can have a slight side effect of loosing you cargo if you are sitting in space with a full cargo hold during the updatel

You will however receive a message saying you have lost cargo.

Space station lazer counts and tech units reduces. This only applies to newly purchased ships, Anything you allready own and have in storage

will continue as is.

If you take the skill points to reduce the cost of ships and equipment this will no longer reduce the second hand resale value of the items.