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Anisotropic's Mod

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Just wondering if this has been/will be ported over to FFE D3D?

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Finally someone else who has heard of that mod.

I would think that until there is any code available for FFED3D that you will have to play the stock version and hack it with a hex editor.

BTW I think that NIC's mod had a lot of the features from Aniso's mod, you can get a GLFFE version of Nics mod HERE

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check for various

versions of FFE (site is in kyrillian letters), including anisos mod

and other modifications of JJFFE..

additionally get GLFFE nicsMod (includes, anisos mod + ship config

table + customizeable HUD) here:

this guy is actually co-developing pioneer now.

btw. nics-mod includes all of anisos modifications plus some extras and removed bugs (me thinks)

balance of the game (FFED3D) can be hacked, implementation of ship specs sheet and customizeable HUD, no way without source code (they must have forget that we need such things 🙄 ).

1xmethod, but that was the second time 😀