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I am looking for some help. I was so impressed with the screen shots I dusted off my Rock windows laptop and set about downloading using the complete link on this site. Had no problem downloading after getting re-aquainted with Windows, but that is about ad far as I can get. What is the Mod folde? When I follow the Readme instructions the mod folder is empty. Is it as simple as clicking on the ffed3d.exe file? When I do I get the BASS.dll not found message. If I download DirectX update will this be enough to solve the issue or do I need a deep level of understanding to play the game? As I said looks very impressive, but some of the readme and other bits of advice seem to assume a level ofknowledge that I don't have :-(. Hope that some one can help with instructions that a simple Apple user can follow!!!

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definatly we should setup a faq for ffed3d there is a short one at, but not very helpful for nubies.

i will do one, slowly 😉 but ladies, guys please use it then, so we don't have to answer the same q's all the time (not your fault).

remember ffed3d is a work in progress, a lot of things arent fixed or finished yet.

the mod folder belongs to the mod-changer and allows a simple exchange of models and or other files or folders of ffed3d (works with any game that is modable), it's used to backup the folders (if).

i know even more experienced users had their time to get through ffed3d's jungle (me) 😀

meanwhile, explore this site and to find out more (i know, i was to lazy too).