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download mirror?

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HI i am trying to download FFED3D-beta3-Ittiz 0.3 but i get an error saying "Response denied by WatchGuard HTTP proxy".


Some googling makes me think it's because i am behind a strict firewall. I am staying in an hotel so i can't change any settings. Does anyone have a mirror where i can get the file?





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Hey loststargirl - welcome to SSC. I know zilch about mirror-sites, I'm afraid - all I know is Oolite.

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Hi Loststargirl,



OOps, sorry, I misunderstood. One of these links should work:



I've already downloaded it. But with my system only the AndyJ's build will work, ittiz one will contain the videos with 400+ MB, but the game itself will load screwed up and unplayable, so be warned.