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Little Fun Thing I Did With Buffet 2.0

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I started up Frontier First Encunters With Buffet 2.0 And Started New Game.

Then i looked up list of AI ships in ''Cheats 2'' section and found that one of eagles which were targeting at me, had also 3 eagles targting him.

Being intrested about that, i took over that eagle which was targeted by those other eagles. then what?

I looked around and saw those 3 eagles, they wasn't attacking me but instead they followed me, like a wingmans but i couldn't Command them to do things.

This is where little fun begins, i put some stuff to my ship with trainer and chose autopilot to go ''Hope''. in middle of travel i disabled autopilot and started to slow down my ship.

it stopped around 2 AU from ''Hope'', then i opened up trainer and Checked Skeet Cruiser (which was landed in ''Old Blackelk'') and highlighted my ship, then clicked set hostility and i ''froze'' my hull so i couldn't get destroyed.

i waited some time until i got alarm about being under attack, my ''wingmans'' didn't engage attacking Skeet Cruiser, but i open my trainer again and Checked those 3 Eagles (''Wingmans'') and highlighted Skeet Cruiser, then i clicked Set Hostility.

Now My ''Wingmans'' attacked at Skeet Cruiser, and Skeet Cruiser Returned Fire and i thought it was awesome: AI vs AI. Unfortunately, while AI was fighting each other, they didn't seem to damage each other even if i unfroze my hull.

After Few Minutes i quit game BUT i forgot to save game so i could been put it here then.

But i think it's easy to do again just do like i did and you will get same results.

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cool idea! thanks

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You can get the the AI to fight itself by involving a neutral ship in a battle. Try shadowing a trader in a hostile system and when the pirates turn up to get you, hide behind the trader. If he is hit by the pirates he will open up on them. Used this dodge in Frontier loads of times when I had a poorly equipped ship. <img src="' f"' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=';)' />