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No sound

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Hi I am playing FFED3D and there is no sound.  I have checked that the sound files are in the directories (appears to be the same files as in the shareware version).


I have also tried all combinations of settings in the config file for sound (softsynth=1 etc).


Is there a specific directory path I have to have the game installed to?  At the moment it is in C:FFED3D 



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Hi PatrickWarner


Which version of FFED3D are you using? The beta 1.12 pack or Ittiz's perhaps?

The latter is known to have memory issues due to the amount of resources and causes music/sounds not to load in.


Have you tried adding my patch over the top? It can be found within the SSC downloads area here. If you are running x64 Windows it'll take advantage of more memory as well.


Ask if any questions, but check out the instructions on that link as well as the readme file within the patch zip file.