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Very nice FFE remake!

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after a long time, I really have enjoyed playing again FFE, although I just took 30 minutes to take a look at in FFED3D. The grafics are really eye-candy compared to the DOS version. Congrats 😛


If only the combat part could be changed !! I still have to cheat when starting a combat, hitting ESC (pause), turning my ship towards the enemy, selecting the ship, ..., and only then I have a decent change to escape destruction and fight 😀

A simple W A S D implementation or commands with the mouse would be fine, I know JJFFE has added some keyboard commands, but controlling the ship during a combat is still like tossing a coin to see if you survive... Happened to me to be shot down 3 seconds after pirates appear (In Frontier II you would see that RIP picutre soon after, I remember that too well....)



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I don’t think the game is being worked on at the moment by the guys on the Elite games forum

haven’t check up in a while.

Although there was a rumor that they were porting it to new language.

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XenonS wrote:
If only the combat part could be changed !!

Yes the Newtonian flight model can take a bit of getting used to, however here is a link to some handy tips that DraQ gave on the Frontier Forum that might help you. DraQ's post is number 5 ... #post17209