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Captain Hannon - The Belanzano

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Looks like a fun 2d open world space adventure in early access on Steam another game going on my wish list, like that you can wander around on the planets surface, reminds me of Mega Traveller.



From Steam

About This Game
Charlie had been desperate to get off Morland after being without a ship for over a year. He’d saved every credit he could to pay the deposit on the freighter.

Perhaps in hindsight, purchasing the Belanzano wasn't the greatest plan but it was a start – he was now free to explore.

After all he was a space captain and he belonged in space!

The freight agent on Morland had been highly skeptical, and downright wary of giving him a freight contract. But after much wrangling he managed to convince her to let the Belanzano’s new captain transport a shipment of Thruster Manifolds to Kirby Station in the Grantham system.

Charlie might not make a huge profit on this initial run, but at least he’d be free
and once again in charge of his own destiny!

Or so he thought...

Everything had been running smoothly. Well, apart from the onboard A.I ZED seemed to have been modified with a sarcasm personality chip, not to mention a series of minor glitches in just about every secondary system onboard the ship. So far Charlie had been unable to disconnect the AI or even reboot it.

As for the other issues, they would have to wait.

Nothing he couldn’t fix over time...

Charlie woke groggily to the sound of Sirens and banging on the exterior hull plating. There was a loud explosion from somewhere aft, and all the exterior ships sensors and most of the interior ones had gone offline.

It was going to be one of those days!
What is Captain Hannon?
We are building a large scale sci-fi open world sand box game. You will take the part of Captain Hannon, who's newly acquired old space freighter has crashed in to an asteroid field during his first cargo delivery run.

There is an initial main story line that will lead you through orientating yourself with the Galaxy and it's inhabitants. Once you have completed the initial stages you are then in an open world game where your choices and decisions will shape your progress.

Work for the Factions in game delivering goods, mining, doing various combat missions or perhaps work for the Gal-Fed authorities. All these will be built on and expanded as we move though Early Access.

We currently have nine separate in game factions and over 100 missions. Plenty to get your teeth into.

We fully intend to continue the central plot where Hannon is asked to help with everything from A.I rogue infestations to Pirate and Outlaw story plots. You can follow the plot or split off and level up and explore on your own. The choice is yours.

Hannon takes place in an ever growing Galaxy of Planets, stations and asteroid fields. Jump Gates connect these systems. The deeper you go, the more dangerous your travels, the larger the rewards.
The plan
Expanding the Galaxy: Whilst Hannon starts with a few select systems it will rapidly grow to encompass an entire Galaxy of systems and locations.

More Exploration: With each new system added there will be more Planets, and Stations to interact with. Each location given its own faction and law level adding to the feel of the life in the Galaxy.

More Ships: Initially you're going to be fixing your Ship the Balanzano and flying the Combat Shuttle you have at your disposal. But over time we will be adding a rage of ships for you to collect and use.

More Enemies: Bad guys are everywhere, from Infected Alien A.I's to the Pirates and outlaws who are making the most of the situation. We intend to build heavily on this. As you travel the Galaxy you will encounter more pirates & outlaws, each tied to the Law level and faction of the systems.

More Professions: Currently we have Asteroid Mining, Cargo Runs, Bounty Hunting etc. We want to grow on this with a slew of new professions to mix into your game play.

Salvage, Engineering, Refining These are on our 'to-do' list when it comes to adding extra profession systems.

Art, Sound & Music: We have striven to add new sounds, music and artwork to Hannon but through Early Access funding we will continue to replace and deploy more and more new designs, sounds and sound affects.”
Dev Footnote
We are here for the long haul, what ever it takes to make Hannon a game worthy of your admiration. Early Access will enable us to work with you on bugs, content and with feedback will lead to a fuller and more refined player experience. I will be pushing out regular updates on the game once released and work closely with the community.

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Seems very interesting!!! 

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Pick this up in the sale and have run into a problem with it as I can not find a pass on the planet, have killed all the critter but still no pass. did leave a question about it on the the Steam forum but did not get of a helpful answer back about it.

my only guess is that maybe because I was killed a couple of times it might have some thing to do with the pass not appearing. going to try an earlier save game and see if that make any difference. 

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The game just been updated with a fix for this but I will have to go back to an earlier save, will try it out and see if it's been solved.

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Pick this up in the sale and have run into a problem with it as I can not find a pass on the planet, have killed all the critter but still no pass. did leave a question about it on the the Steam forum but did not get of a helpful answer back about it.


I had the exact same issue and I gave up. Although I very much enjoyed it, I will start again later!!

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That bug is a bit of a game stopper as you don't seem to be able to anything else in the game until you get past it, hopefully it's been fixed.


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Game got another update, this time mining and exploration, not had a chance to get back and play it again. Have you managed to get past that bug CaptainKaL?.

New Mining System

We now have a new Mining system in Hannon. As each planet, biome is expanded and created it also gets new Mining Spawn locations. These can be utilised to Mine resources out of the ground using a real-time Mining Rig system. In game or out of game, once deployed a Mining Rig will keep mining till its hopper is full!

ORSA License

Each Planet will require you to locate and purchase an ORSA mining license. There are new NPC's that have been added to the game to sell these licenses.

For the initial starting locations I'm going to list them and their locations, after that you will need to find the rest yourself as they are added.

Jonas Hawk - ORSA Agent. Located on George Town
Alby Patterson - ORSA Agent. Located on New Orion
Nelis Strand - ORSA Agent. Located on Starbase-51
Harlen Potter - ORSA Agent. Located on Oesabi Landing

You will generally find the ORSA Agents nearby or on the planet in question.

Mining Rigs

Once you have a License and locate a Spawn ZED will tell you what type of Mining Rig is required. You can also check this in advance via the Galactic Database. I have updated it to display the new resources and their Mining requirements.

There are FIVE distinct Mining Rigs

Mining Rig (Mineral)
Mining Rig (Metal)
Mining Rig (Liquid)
Mining Rig (Flora)
Mining Rig (Gas)

These are player crafted using schematics. We added the base schematics in the last update and this one sees the FULL FIVE Mining Rigs added.

Again to not make you search the entire Galaxy looking for these schematic vendors below is a list and where to find them. Each mining rig needs to be crafted and you're likely to need more than one of each type.

Tislar Pulot on Habitat Nina (Flora)
Ramna Artoli on New Orion (Metal)
Sammi Krell on Eden (Liquid)
Carra Dira On Galfed Hub 1 (Mineral)
Kimi Sander George Town (Gas)

These are basic Mining Rigs, they come with a 500 Unit Hopper and will as stated earlier mine in Real-Time. This means you can deploy a collection of Mining Rigs, log out and come back later and they will continue to mine whilst you're away or even offline!

Generally speaking, these basic ones take approximately 24 hours to fill the hopper but you can pull the Rig and empty its hopper at any time.

New Exploration

Because we now have the O2 and space suit mechanic working as we had hoped and have sorted out a couple of issues that were reported, we can now start o expand all the ground locations and 'begin' to open up the planets ZED has been telling you are 'Exploration Planets'.

When you now dock on an Exploring Planet ZED will inform you if it needs a Space Suit or if it's got a breathable atmosphere. You'll then be able to explore and see what you can find 🙂

Those that require Spacesuits will like the Derelicts require O2 Bottles. We have added O2 Bottles to all the relevant vendors in-game. Not to mention give you a major discount on their purchase price.


This planet in Arlington is now explorable. Watch out for the Patrols and your old friends the Rippers. There appears to be a Gang hanging out on the planet so keep your firearm fully loaded!

New Jerusalem

This planet has been expanded so you can 'Explore' (needs a spacesuit and O2). There are droids on patrol there so a good place to go farm for Droid parts etc. We have also added a second docking location on New Jerusalem allowing you to all complete the delivery mission on the planet.

Dual Landing

This addition also brings in Dual Landing options on planets. (those with them added). This means when you come to dock rather than just 'Docking' you get an option of where you'd like to dock. At this time the ones we have added you CAN dock / land at.

Later you may find options but no access due to Factio or Mission parameters not being met. But this means you will have even more places to visit and explore over time.

New Orion

This planet now has a new location due West from the landing Port. You will find the Ice Fields populated with woolly and vicious critters so beware. New loots and new Mission NPC's have been added to New Orion so recanvas the locals!

U.A Compounds

We have added a new Crafted resource. These are called U.A Compounds and are crafted (using schematics) from planetary mined resources. You will need to purchase the schematics from Emo Ruli on Starbase-47 in Danar.

The new Compounds will begin to form part of large scale builds for you, the ship and also NPC's who will begin to require these and many of the crafted items in-game as we proceed.

More NPC's

Alongside the NPC's mentioned above in this release. We have also added a slew of new NPC's. These have been placed in key locations in the Galaxy and you will locate them on your travels. Some of these have repeatable missions, some are the normal type. I'll leave you to find them.

Fixes & Updates

Added Stock column to the Schematics and Craft view. This enables you to see how many of a crafted type you have on the fly. (Player Suggestion)

We have listened to a few players and decided to 'try' an increased item count. For most items now the limit has been raised to 9,999. The weapon terminals for personal and ship ammo will max out at 500. Personal ammo can be over maxed if you pick up more than 500, up to the max value of 9999.

Personal Weapons Terminal will now charge based on per unit of ammo up to 500.

Starbase-51 - Training Area: Not sure quite when but it appears the training drones were not respawning as intended. I have fixed this and added one more as well. I also reran the early sections of the game to ensure they were now working as intended.

Changed respawn times in Badlands. Having played the section again and recently been back to deploy mining rigs on ORSA spawns, I felt these needed slowing down somewhat. They are now up to 3 X slower to respawn, depending on enemy type.

Added a Combat check when docking or entering any main landing zone that does not have a combat component. Should resolve the issue reported BR-010. (See Discord Bug Reports)

Tooley on Starbase-51 was waking through containers and terminals. He has now been fixed and now knows what's solid and what's not 🙂

Removed screen flash from player made weapons. It was interesting that no one spotted this till Ram2000 came forward and asked about it. Once we spotted it, it was hard to miss lol. Now the player made weapons will not make the screen flash when shooting the bad guys.

Removed screen flash from Player ship weapons excluding Missile Launch. Same issue but with Ship-based weapons. Was harder to see on the backdrop of space. The only one we left it on is the Missile Launcher for effect.

Your inventory will now sort alphabetically. With over 400 items now in the Database, its time to begin to think about sorting 🙂 Each Tab of the Captain's main inventory should now list A-Z.

Finally, Starbase-51 and your main ship the Belanzano, have had their images replaced. I figured it was time to make them a little more 'inline' with the rest of the image sets. The Belanzano is now also created from the same art style as the Combat Shuttle.

Early Access Possible Change

With Hannon being in Early Access it's bound to have some changes. One of those we are working towards is making the game a linear save so doing away with the Multiple saves. We are waiting on Online Server Connectivity before making that change.

But one we are looking at closely at the moment, ii changing the starting mission path. At the moment you have to complete All of Starbase-51, then Eden and Finally NMew Orion main storyline before your given 'Free reign' to go where ever you and your Combat Shuttle might like to go.

I'm looking at loosening that lockdown and allowing players to access the wider Galaxy after completing Starbase 51. You still will be given the missions in the same order but you will have the flexibility of doing them when you're ready.

It has some complications from the plotline and code side but I'm looking at it. Essentially it means you won't have to play 4-6 hours of gameplay to be Free to take part in the true Sandbox gameplay. Again feedback and thoughts on this are always welcome. Hannon is as much your game as ours 🙂

Come on into Discord Chat say hi and let us know what you think!

Next up - Lots more Planets to Explore, lots more NPC's, Lots more Missions and stage 2 of the main central plot...


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No. I will wait a little longer, before trying again!!

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Same here, give it awhile so they can add more to the game.

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new update for the game came out on the 24th

Release Notes 1.47

This release is packed with a lot of core changes and updates. I will list the more important ones here and leave you to find the extra bits yourself. After all, what's the fun If I tell you where everyone is 🙂

Seriously though. This build allows me to plan for some major storyline changes come in the next release. At that time we will be asking players to do their first Early Access 'Restart'. It was inevitable that we would have to ask players top do this at some stage and I've don't my very best to not force this on you just yet.

Please continue to play and test out Hannon until the next release. Your feedback and suggestions are more than gratefully received so keep them up.

Changes to the Inventory

I have added a 'Parts' tab to the inventory. Now modules that are crafted will go to this section. Also, the weapon parts will be stored here.

I also took this opportunity to add an 'Organic' tab to the inventory. Now modules that are animal/food-related will go to this tab.

Please feel free to contact me and let me know if I have missed categorising an item that you think should be in one of these two new categories. Hopefully, this will go a long way to making inventory control a little easier over time.

Mining & Harvesting

Because it just didn't sound right and to be honest I figured it would eventually need changing I have renamed the Mining Rig (Flora) to Harvester Rig (Flora). This should indicate that the item whilst being a 'Rig' is designed to 'harvest' resources, flora to you and me.

Leading on from this, both Habitats Nina and Loki can now be farmed using the Flora Harvester. Two new Flora based resources have been added. These are safe for human consumption after all you wouldn't want to go harvesting flora from an alien world now, would you?

Those clever boffin's have created safe flora that can be used in your crafting food schematics.

New Food Crafting Vendor

Another Schematic Vendor added to Daedalus Port - carries various food-based crafting schematics. As we move further into the game and storyline you'll be crafting more than just 'Engineered'; items so the crafting system can now be used for all kinds of builds.

Commercial Store

Commercial Storage now also covers Parts and Organics, this correlates to the addition of those two categories in your inventory. Also, the system has been overhauled and stores items in stacks, each stack now counts off as 1 against the overall volume. So now you can have 5000 stacks of 9,999 items... errr that's a LOT of storage 🙂

The Commercial Storage also now follows the sorting of the main inventory and is now set to display alphabetically 🙂 Was driving me as nuts as probably you...

Terminal Animation

I have been (in my off time) animating as many of the terminals as I can. It adds some flavour and feeling to the game. I will continue to do this as we roll further on. If you spot instances of a terminal that should be animated let me know (Discord please).

Weapons Shuffle

I have taken some time to reshuffle the current hand-held weapons. There are now currently 17 different types. Most of these you need to hand craft or assemble.

Everything except the early hand pistol has a level requirement. So if you currently have a different laser/hand weapon fitted check its Level requirement BEFORE removing it. If its higher than your current level I'd suggest not removing it.

I have re-jigged, damage, range, speed, mag size and visuals. I also have added a Crit % value to certain weapons. So whilst some weapons may appear close to their counterparts you may find the difference in speed, damage and mag size alters your perspective.

I have added weapon levels to the 'Weapons Build' Terminal. This now displays the weapon captain requirement level Before building. Saving you building lower-level weapons just to see what they do.

Galactic Database

I have updated the Galactic Database. Including adding three new Alien Races for the Foreen Alliance. I have made numerous updates and changed to the Database in the effort to keep it in alignment with the current game status.

Mining & Harvest Screen

Besides a 'Name Change' for this screen it also now scrolls should you deploy more than can be displayed on a single screen. I suspect over time we may fiddle with this screen a little but for now, it's functional and does exactly what we need it to do.

Player Bounty

I have added a system to the game that allows Pirates to begin to place a bounty on YOUR head. After all, you're killing them without any kind of real consequence other than standing with them. So from now on as you kill them your personal bounty will begin to climb.

This will be used later on for both ''retribution' and storyline triggers. In both cases, you will have the opportunity to clear the bounty. The bounty shows in the Factions screen.


Added Mining Rigs to the Purchase Vendors, in case you want to sell any for quick cash. Keep in mind Vendors will only pay you up to 50% of an items NPC sales value. Items like crafted tech are based on the resources used in the total build.

Personal Teleporter

Planet exploration can sometimes take you a LONG way from the shuttle landing place. In fact, I've been getting lost myself on some fo the new planets. Or perhaps you simply don't want to jog all the way back.

Well, we have now added a Personal Teleport to the game. You will need to complete the project to create one working for Kelly Winters over on Port Vanling in Clarke.

Once done you will have both the Personal Teleporter and also the schematics to create charges for it 🙂 The Teleporter can only be used on Exploration planets and not from inside buildings. It will transport you back to the Shuttle, using a charge in the process.

More Exploration Planets

I have been busy creating more Bios for exploring and opening up more of the planets in-game. This release opens up Zanith in Feris (sector 4) and New Europa in Arcadius.

These planets have creatures, resource spawns for Mining and also collections for NPC's. You will also find certain NPC contacts when you land or reach certain points.

Exploration Crates

I have reviewed these use of 'crates' on planets and decided that they will now 'respawn' when you revisit a location. They have a 60/40 chance of having items in them and an 80/20 chance of being planet related resources. + small amounts of ammo. This will aid you in exploring planets and also help with the collection of planetary resources over time.

Hannon HP Reshuffle

When I first laid out the HP / Energy levelling curve for Hannon it was very much a finger in the air. But I monitored it and due to feedback have decided to take this opportunity to have a downscale reshuffle.

So I have remapped HP and Energy. Reset the growth curve on Hannon. The ship remains untouched. This will affect your toon as soon as you load up your next save.

Heal Mechanics Changed

After reviewing some of the combat tactics being used by players and assessing how easy/hard certain elements were I have decided to alter the heal and regen mechanics. You will now heal less per tick and slower than before. Making you more reliant on Hel Kits than just finding a corner to stand in for a few minutes.

Medkits have also changed to a specific Heal amount rather than a percentage. This makes more sense overall and means again you need to pay attention to your medkits and health status.

More NPC's

I have added some new mechanics for certain NPC's. These will contact you via comms (through ZED) and don't need to be in front of you to pass on missions or requests.

These have been dotted around the galaxy so you will only find them by 'going to locations'. I have also added more collection and repeat NPC's.

The later does not form a 'Mission NPC' but can be visited to trade certain items they want. These will give not only credits (much better than vendors) but also XP and Faction XP. Faction XP is based on the location and their Race.

I have also added new Engineering Mission-based NPC's. These NPC's will give you Schematics to build items, or may simply want the end products of crafts that you need to locate the schematics for.

These now start to add missions to your 'Engineering section' of the Mission Log. Expect a LOT more of these as we progress.


Fixed an issue with the characters name labels and the overlays. In certain instances, this was causing some major graphical issues.

Fixed Lucious on New Orion so that after visiting him the last time he still talks to you.

Edited messages from Nolan on New Orion to flow better.

All stations and planets have been given yet another 'going over' fixing small graphical issues and location pathing errors.


I'm very much looking for feedback from YOU the player. After all, this game is being built for you to play. I'm happy to receive suggestions and bug reports through our discord channel. We have various sections in there from general chat to bug reporting etc.

I'm very interested in any 'slow down or sluggish behaviours'. When creating new scenarios, planets etc I always test them in a low spec I5 which was clas as the bottom end for Hannon due to the large overhead of JS the game has to process. I never release a new section unless it's playable on our base test system. So if you have issues I want to know.

Of course, I'll need certain info and not just a one-liner if we are to resolve anything but I'm more than happy to hear about any issues.


Remember the next release from us here to Steam will require you to start a new game. We are altering the initial storyline and sadly this will impact on any save games you have. Please continue to play and test the current build though, the more feedback the better.