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Illegal Aliens Kickstarter

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FPS adventure game it, big idea is co-op gameplay opening vid shows the game play but nothing from the developer themselves, also have set themselves a large $200K target.



Illegal Aliens is an Action-RPG/Co-op Adventure game. It's main focus is to allow players to enjoy an entire campaign built around co-operative gameplay, which allows both players to feel as if they are playing a single player game built for two. Illegal Aliens is more than just another game, it has a story to be told, filled with amazing moments that span from serious to comedic.




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Indeed the target seems rather big but also the game looks quite good and deep in gameplay. I hope these guys make their goal.

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The name threw me for a moment, I figured it was an actual illegal Aliens ripoff. That being said it looks good

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Nice concept, especially the walking on all surfaces.