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MechWarrior 4 Free Download

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Well not sure when it actually happened but MW4 is now available for free download (1.7GB) so have fun with it:

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MekTek, the guys that made this possible have been nagging M$ for ages to get them to release it for free.

Looks like they finally caved.

Also, the mod they made, the MekPack, is really awesome, it adds tons of stuff, and with their latest release you can also use it in the campaigns 😀

When I learned this I immediately replayed the entire campaign just to be able to use those Mechs and weapons.

EDIT: reason M$ caved in might have something to do with this...

MW fans really need to watch that CGI movie on that page...

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Today was a great day to be a mechwarrior 🙂

The video clip you posted is from Mech4 Vengeance, but the MekTek Mech4Free is actually Mercenaries. But yeah, it's totally awesome !!!