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Sequel to Clouldpunk set in the same city of Nivalis and seems to be more of a business simulator Nivalis on Steam (

From Steam.


Welcome to Nivalis! Making it in this cyberpunk city isn’t easy. The gangs want to harvest your organs, the Corps will fine you for breathing, and the whole time, the ground under your feet is crumbling. This city could fall into the ocean tomorrow, so you better make your fortune today.

You’ve got to start small: a food stall, a noodle stand, a stim store. Build your way up to a bar, a restaurant, or even a nightclub. Eventually, you’ll own all the nightlife in Nivalis. You’ll own the night!

In Nivalis, you choose how to spend your time in the city. In this unique slice-of-life sim with realistic weather simulation and night and day cycles, you can grow your business, meet strange and diverse characters, form friendships and experience the danger and wonder of this cyberpunk voxel city.


  • Experience your simulated life in Nivalis, and choose how you spend your time each day.
  • Manage businesses like restaurants, ramen stands or night clubs.
  • Buy or grow your own ingredients.
  • Cook unique dishes and mix cocktails to attract the right customers.
  • Quit work for the day and go fishing instead!
  • Decorate your home or buy and customise a new one.
  • Discover the stories of the people you meet in the city, your friends, your customers, and maybe even find love.




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Not a bad concept the base game is running a place in cyberpunk style atmosphere and your allowed to explore the city, nice. And if the place you own if you can make it autonomous then that can leave you time to explore, wonder if they will have lots of things to spend your money on that you make in the game 🙂 maybe observe fights or gangs trying to mess with your establishment..... many options to play with here. Interesting concept.