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Project Daedalus - The Long Journey Home

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Not much known about this at the moment apart from it a 2D space RPG in the mould of Starflight and Star Control 2, you can read bit more about on the blog along with some early concept pics.



Project Daedalus - The Long Journey Home combines the spirit of classic space adventures like Starflight and Star Control II with a brand-new roguelike spin. Explore a galaxy inspired by beloved Sci-Fi from Farscape to Firefly, jumping from system to system in search of a way back to Earth. Discover new worlds in search of allies and assistance. Endure scorching winds and lethal gravity as you mine essential resources and search for ancient relics. Seize every opportunity to survive. But beware. Every choice has consequences, both for you and the galaxy.


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This looks promising!

The Lost in Space/Star Trek Voyager premise (I absolutely loved that setup!!) with known Sci-Fi easter eggs.

It's also a Rogue-like with procedural generation. A nice bonus.


I would like to know a bit more about the control scheme and camera view before I make my final decision though.

Somehow the most important parts are always left out.


Anyway, nice find Pinback ,)

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Hi there, great that you like it.

I'm working at DDaedalic and if want to find out more about The Long Journey Home, you can also look here:

Also Andreas, the creative lead of the project is on Twitter as @muddlehead.

Hope you enjoy the upcoming news.