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Space Station Manager

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early access game which has just dropped on Steam and the name of the game pretty much tells you what it's about, an economic space station building game.

From Steam

About This Game
Challenge yourself to build space station, gain money while improving it, and expand beyond the solar system.

Host you guests in luxurious space hotels, present them with local shops.
Create laboratories to get the newest technology luring more customers, and discover interesting places.
Harvest asteroids and planets with your fleet to gather resources to be refined and sold for more money.
Send scouts to explore and uncover outer space to get more insight from distant places.
Beware of random events and disasters, chose where to build carefully.
Currently implemented features
Build your space stations
You can build your station out of various parts which determine the station functionality. Chose propper materials to make the station as big as possible without it breaking apart.
Plan your station layout and business strategy
Placing your station will have major impact on it's performance. It is a good idea to put hotels close to earth, where most people live, but distant hotels are more profitable per user. Industrial stations are most effective near it's source of material, e.t.c. Putting your station near asteroid belts, rings, stars, or any other dangerous places highly increases a chance of an disaster.
Satisfy your customers as best as you can
Building an good hotel is not an easy task. You need to balance between quality of services, and amount of noisy machines. Ensuring a great view is also a good way to lure some customers.
Features to be added in the future
Research new technologies
As building bigger station is a good way of increasing it's productivity, but getting better technology is just as good. And not only that, you can also research some new technology that never was, making your popularity skyrocket to the high numbers.
Harvest and refine resources from asteroids and planets
When giving home to people becomes too ineffective money income, you can start some industrial mass production, and start trading with other large companies. By discovering an asteroid, or resource patches on an planet, you can start mining it. TO get even more money, you can refine it, or even start assembling some high quality products.
Send ships to distant places
To discover resource sites, push your research forward, you need to explore. Discover interesting objects, explore planets, or you may even stumble upon some unexpected stuff.
Avoid disasters in dangerous places
Every place has it's own advantages, and disadvantages. Every station is more profitable in specific environment. But balancing between risk and profit is the key to success.

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