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The Captain is Dead

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Based on a board game of the same name and coming to Steam some time this year Great video and instant Wishlist, now if someone would just turn the Awful Green from Space into a video game. 

From Steam

Based on the frantic and fun board game, The Captain is Dead puts you in charge of crew members on a besieged starship. You must co-ordinate the crew to repair critical systems and fend off hostile aliens, or you will share the captain’s fate. From the Chief Engineer, Weapons Officer, and visiting Admiral, all the way down to the Ensign and the ship’s Janitor, you must combine your unique talents to avoid utter annihilation in the cold depths of space!


Step into the Captain's chair and command the crew! Each team member has a very particular set of skills that you'll need to leverage to the full if you want to survive, including...

Teleporter Chief - Can beam around the ship at no cost.
Cyborg - Immune to the mysterious forces of deep space.
Crewman - Gets killed very easily... good thing there is an infinite supply!
Counselor - Can manipulate skills for the best chance of success.
Ensign - A fast learner, and even faster runner.
Soldier - An expert in kicking alien ass.

...with more on the way!


Defend the ship against an unknown alien nemesis that will do everything they can to blast you to atoms! Fortunately you have state-of-the-art systems to help you out...

Bridge - Scan for threats, repair shields and communicate with your crew.
War Room - The Captain planned ahead, and left emergency dossiers to help you out.
Armory - Destroy alien ships with torpedoes, and activate auto-turrets to repel boarders.
CPU Core - Power-up your crew with skills.
Cargo Hold - Bust open the cargo pods to grab lasers, scanners, and other helpful gear.
Infirmary - He's dead, Jim! Oh wait... no... it's just a flesh wound. That can be fixed here.
Science Lab - Upgrade the ship, and research spooky, sub-space anomalies.
Engineering - Fix the Jump Core to get the heck outta there!


If you can keep your cool, repel the aliens, protect the crew, and keep the systems operational long enough to repair the Jump Core, then you can activate the engines and escape to Hyperspace!

Or is it Warp Speed? I can never remember...

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And the game came out on Steams early access a couple of days ago.