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Shores of Hazeron

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Heyas all, I actually visited and talked with Haxus directly on what he was going to do.  Hes basically going to be making Gravity Well 2, with some larger multiplayer elements (or thats the plan anyway).  Hes going to be using ships and planets I think at the moment, and general universe creation (with drastically pared down size for a smaller multiplayer game).    He's stated he wants it to be on tablets but will probably do PC first (or at least as well, hes being challenged to find a control scheme that will work for tablets). 


More or less, he wants to get something actually done and released, since Hazeron was a massive financial drain (and I believe he was a little depressed about it and the long term problems, I think he nuked the forums just because he didn't want to deal with them too).  He *might* go back to it later if everything falls into place and hes actually earning money from things hes released,  as he doesn't want to retire yet, or he might go some other route (possibility of some other games from parts of Hazeron, or if all else fails some micro-purchases games purely on tablets). 

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Haxus posted this on his Hazeron site:


"December 15, 2014

I've received a fair bit of e-mail asking for some sort of status on the future of this game project. I apologize for not answering every single one. This post will have to suffice.

Shores of Hazeron is a gigantic software project, perhaps more than I can get done. I've been working like a madman for months developing a smaller-scale game from the vast code base of SoH. The primary goal is to pull together a complete, concise, playable game that I could get done. It has of course taken longer than expected but its almost there.

Close on its heels, I have another game concept that I will likely pursue. It will also draw heavily from the SoH source code, though in an entirely different way. The goal of this game is the same as the first, to get it done, playable and posted.

After those two games are finished, I may return to working on Shores of Hazeron. I kind of miss it.

I hope that was enough information for the curious."

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