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Freespace Card Game

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Freespace Card Game

The Legacy of the Terran-Vasudan War

Freespace CG is based on the FS1&2 universe (if you haven't played the games go and get them). In the card game you will play as the fleet commander of one of the three races (Terran, Vasudan and Shivan). You use these cards to create your fleet/armada that you will lead into battle against your opponent.

FCG can be played with 2-6 people and your fleets will consist ships ranging from Juggernauts to Cruisers, fighter and bomber wings, logistics craft and marines and elite soldiers. You will manage your resources and use them to improve, repair and construct your forces.

The FCG is still in development but some of the work is done and you can check ito out here:

Right now only the Vasudan and Terran cards are available. Author says the full basic card set should be done in the next few months (1-3). There is some expansions planned but races and content hasn't been defined.

Have fun and leave feedback on the quality and or gameplay here or on the authors forums.

Here is some screenshots of the basic card set:




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