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How Internet Radio Stations Work

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Online radios are devices that can be used to transmit both music and news using the Internet. Radio Direct Internet Streaming Radio is the most popular type of online radio. Internet Radio is a purely digital audio stream transmitted over the Internet. Broadcasting over the Internet is usually called Castine over the Internet because it is not broadcast publicly through conventional media. Public access radio stations provide music and other entertainment over the Internet, but typically have no background sound or programming, and rely solely on audience or popularity donations for donations.

Most webcast radio programs use real-time online music and are available for download. Internet users can simply visit the website and download the appropriate software necessary to run the radio program. These programs can be played directly from the web browser without having to download anything to your computer. However, Internet radio stations and streaming webcasts require a license from the appropriate authorities in your area to avoid prosecution for the illegal distribution of copyrighted materials.

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